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Location of retail park close to Magic Circus Hotel at Magny-le-Hongre?

We are going to be staying at the Magic Circus Hotel at Magny-le-Hongre

One of the reviews for trip advisor mentions

"We found a retail park about 20mins down the road -we put Calais in the sat nav because we saw it on route to the hotel from Calais and then look for signs for intermarche it's on your right -it had Kfc McDonalds subway an Aldi's, Lidl's a Chinese buffet, Pizzeria and more"

Could someone who either knows the retail park, or someone kind enough and can work it out from the sites (like I have tried and failed to do :D) let me know the address of one of the places here so we can tap it into GPS.

Much appreciated.


The only possibility I can see is Avenue de la Courtillière, 77400 ST THIBAULT DES VIGNES Is this possible?

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    I think the retail park in question is the Centre Commercial Val d'Europe. It's a large, US-style shopping mall just down the road from Magny-le-Hongre. The "official" address is: 14 Cours du Danube, 77711 Marne-la-Vallée, France. But, it's a big sprawling complex that you can enter from several surrounding streets.

    If your GPS doesn't show it, just leave your hotel parking lot and turn left on that big ring road called Boulevard de l'Europe. Follow it around about a kilometer until it turns into La Méridienne. You should see Val d'Europe on the right.

    Couple of links below if you need more info.

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