Why is there not a single negative comment about W Kamau Bell on Google or Yahoo search engines?

He must have the NSA as his publicist's or something. Seriously, WTF! The dude sucks as a comedian and "Socio-political Commentator." He acknowledges Dave Chappelle and Chris Rock as the only funny comedians right now!?!? Really? I love Chappelle, Chris Rock has some funny **** too, but I would not list either as a top 5 comedian right now, 2013. Is it just because they're black? He feels some social mandate to only acknowledge other black comedians? He preaches all this bullshit about exposing racism for what it is, but in actuality, comes off racist himself against anyone with a different ethnicity. GIVE ME A BREAK! If you want to see a comedian who is funny as hell, more relevant in 2013, and still manages to discuss racism in a poignant, eye opening fashion; Watch some of Patrice O'neil's stand-up, and he's been dead for almost a year!

So my question is this, how does someone like this douche police what is written about themselves so thoroughly? There is no way on Earth that I am the only individual to feel this way (he effing blows and so does his show). Just try Googling W Kamau Bell sucks, or anything else negative and there is not a single link out there.

I guess I'm really asking because I want to get those nudes of myself off the web. It was a mistake and I just had a momentary lapse in judgment:) What's your secret Bell?


Thanks for that. Dennis Leary makes perfect sense to me, I think your right on with that.

Why did you not answer the other question? Because you don't know the answer?

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    I'm not gonna answer this question. The people who answered your other question, the one about Jim Jeffries, they're wrong.

    Jim Jeffries in 2007 during his US tour had an opening spot for Dennis Leary. Dennis Leary is the attempted rapist, I'm sure of it.

    "Following Montreal, Jim was then booked for an extensive US tour which included an opening spot for Dennis Leary at the 2800 capacity venue Beacon Theatre in New York."

    It was Leary.

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