LGBT: What do you think of the Olympic comity voting to remove Amateur Wrestling from the games?

A sport that has been in the Olympics since the beginning; won't be in the Olympic games this year.

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  • 8 years ago
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    I think it's a little stupid. If they want to get rid of something, they can get rid of curling. There's a sport to put you to sleep faster than any prescription sleeping pill.

    Weigh the options; Wrestling, around for thousands of years vs. a bunch of fat guys playing what's basically shuffle board using a massive rock and brooms.

    Although the odd blunder makes gymnastics funny, I could stand to see that go as well. That's worse than NASCAR as you're sitting there watching, waiting and hoping for a wreck.

    The IOC simply illustrates the stupidity and politics of many athletic comittees. I watched a college kid set a World's Record in the javellin throw. The thing went over a 6' wall, leaving the park and travelled across a street, to the obvious, and very loud, surprise of people in the street, The officials at the state college "forgot" to take a sample to prove that he wasn't using PED's thereby disqualifying him for a record.

    Comittees, I think, is an old latin noun that means "a bunch of thundering idiots playing at politics."


  • kuhle
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    5 years ago

    Absolutely wrestling continues to be an Olympic occasion. I watch it most likely when the summer time Olympics role round. The ordinary Greco-Roman style is the one style still practiced within the Olympics however. In case your asking about WWE variety wrestling then the reply is discreet; due to the fact it is scripted. Howdy don't get me mistaken i like professional wrestling however everyone knows the winner is predetermined. You can't have that sort of factor in the Olympics what may be the point?

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