Does anyone know where I can find an ad wall script?

I wish to create an advertising website.The site would be a page that consists of a header and 125x125 banners below the header. I wish the banner placement to be random and users to buy ads by clicking on the available vacancies. 100% automated.

I guess i'm looking for something like but banners instead of pixels.

anyone know if a script exists already or I need a custom one made?


I do realize this is old stuff but I have found a new purpose.

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  • Jake
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    7 years ago
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    Banner ad pages absent of any useful content worked in the very early days of the internet when people were starved for any sort of content, was a 2005 novelty that I don't think can be recreated these days with so many significant free sites around.

    Just for reference Google has some standards that call for the advertising space on a page to be less than 50% of the total content area (excluding headers, footers, menus) to avoid being labeled spam, which I assume would not earn search ranking.

    I didn't find anything searching for Self Serve Banner ad Script

    These ad related scripts might serve as a good starting point for some outsourced code modification form, or

    Looks easier to make a milliondollarhomepage clone. sample looks like mixed banner sies

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  • 3 years ago

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