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Scope for new AR-15 .....?

I own and regularly use a Ruger 10/22 with a 4x scope.

I recently bought an AR-15 with a detachable carry handle/sights with front sight post.

I may need to hit slow-moving targets up to 200 yards.

What would you recommend?

Keep the included A2 sights? Buy a 4-12x scope? Buy reflex-sights? Buy a red-dot?

What are the advantages to each? Approximate reasonable cost.


Thanks to all who provided answers.

I borrowed a friend's 3-9x40mm scope; then bought a 3/4" riser. I removed the detachable handle; then replaced with riser and scope. The FIXED front-sight post is NOT visible either at 3x or 9x.

I'm keeping the handle (as backup sights) and buying a 3-9x40mm scope.

Seems to be the cheaper way to go than getting an optics-ready AR then buying MBUS.

Thanks again.

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    I would think a fixed 4x scope, a 1-4x scope, or a 2-7x scope would be perfectly fine for shooting up to 200 yards.

    A red dot scope, a reflex sight, or the iron sights will work, but if you need any sort of precision, a decent scope would be helpful.

    Remember that red dot and holographic sights tend to be 2 or 3 MOA sights... That means you'll be covering a 4"-6" area at 200 yards. That's going to make precision sighting difficult, especially with no magnification.

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  • 7 years ago

    If the carry handle comes off, but, that front sight tower does not fold back - you are going to be a very unhappy scope owner and user. If you are serious about doing scope shooting - that front sight tower has to do - you can replace it with one from Yankee Hill Machine - they make several models. You simply hammer out the two drift pins holding the old tower and pull it off the barrel, remove the old gas tube and put it on the new tower, then slide the new YHM folding model in that uses 4 hex bolts to hold it on. As you tighten down the bolts - look inside the receiver and make sure the gas rod is nice and straight. This is not a difficult modification - unless you live in a state that has permenent flash suppressors.

    I like the BSA Sweet 223 scope. Much more fun to use than a target turret or mildot scope - you can instantly change the crosshair zero from 50yd to 400yds. For $110 or so they are money well spent.

    Now - you could attach an inexpensive TruGlow to the side left or right side quad rail as a 'co-witness' . I have this model on my SBR - for $59 it functions just as nice as a $600 EoTech for what I am using it for. After 3 years of doing tactical shooting drills and shoot houses with mine - it is still going strong.

    You can see these at www.midwayusa.com, cabellas.com and brownells.com

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  • 7 years ago

    4-12 scope?.... This is just an opinion - but that's too much scope for an AR15.......

    Consider the Nikon P-223..... Its made for that gun......

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