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double axel help!!!!!!!!!!?

Here's the story! i have been doing my double axel on the harness for over a year, and was too afraid to try it off. Then i finally tried it off and after 4 tries i landed it, clean! trust me its true! but the ones before that, i fell really hard on my side and my butt! i was fully rotating them and then slipping off my heel! will someone please tell me how to stop slipping off my heel because now im too afraid to try a double axel now, ik it sounds silly but yes even after i landed it im afraid to try it.

Also.... i just turned 14. will i ever make it to the olympics??

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    LMAO the way some of the other people here answered your question you'd think that at 14 they were landing quad axels.

    Not to take away from what they're saying because the Olympics isn't a walk in the park. Realistically you have to be willing to push yourself to the limit - which does unfortunately, mean not being afraid to practice double axels no matter how painfully hard it hurts when you fall on your butt. Figure skating at the Olympics is as much a mental sport as it is physical, and I've realized that ESPECIALLY when it comes to jumping that if you go into a jump being afraid or nervous of falling that it just increases your chances of not landing the jump.

    That said, there's a Turkish footballer named Ilhan Mansiz who just learned to skate for the first time in his life at 33 and there's a chance he might make it to the Olympics, so you never know - you could get there too. Just saying.

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    The skating world is tough...

    There's tons and tons of wannabe skaters out there.

    My friend wants to be in the Olympics. She's 12, and she can almost land her double axel (She just got new blades, so she's still breaking them in)

    I hope you are doing other extra-curriculars, because 14 and landing a double is just not good enough.

    Sorry, but you are not Olympic ready.

    People who have Olympic qualties are not afraid of falling, failure, and obstacles.

    I agree that you should talk to your coach.

    (Sorry if I come off mean, just speaking the truth)

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    First of all, If you're landing your double axel @ 14, you've made it this far, now you have at least until your 16th birthday to land at least your triple loop. And it sounds like you're rolling off your heel too much on your landing. try leaning forwards a bit, like you're about to sit on an icy toilet. that's what my coach told me for my axel when i had the same prob. :D Good luck!

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    14 and too scared to do a double axel, you don't have what it takes - skill wise and mentally, to make it to the Olympics.

    You should be getting help from your coach for this issue.

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    That sounds to me like you're landing with your weight backwards. Make sure you're landing toepick first!

    Also, ask your coach for more hints.

    You're not going to make it to the Olympics if you're only just landing double Axels at 14...especially if you're afraid of them.

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