Thoughts About the EDPT (USAF)?

I just took my DLAB the other day and scored a 116, I have to be scheduled for the EDPT in the next few days.

I was wondering if anyone can share their experiences, offer any help, and / or help me decide (should I pass the EDPT) whether to join as a computer program specialist or a cryptolinguist.

I believe that the 116 qualifies me for all categories of languages, I was so upset after I finished the test though because I had gotten almost no sleep the night before and I had a horrible time trying to focus, I was so sure I did badly on it

and by upset I mean before I got my score, I was relieved I passed of course

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  • 8 years ago
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    Go airborne linguist, you will make a lot more money. Airborne cryptos make bank, trust me. Flight pay, hazardous duty pay, pay for the extra languages you know. Plus aircrew is treated better than anyone else enlisted in the entire military.

    Source(s): USAF Aircrew
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