Why do people like Microsoft's newer OS's like Windows 7 and 8 but absolutely hate Vista?

So people, please tell me why????

I mean, I have always thought Windows Vista was the best operating system Microsoft has released to date next to Windows XP and Windows 98.

I'll tell you why:

Windows Vista has features such as more built in programs such as Windows Mail, Photo Gallery, and Movie Maker; even XP has these and Windows 7 doesn't even at least have an email client of any sort.

Windows Vista required no more resources than Windows 7 or 8 currently do. You still need 2GB or more RAM and a dual core processor to run any of these 3 recent Windows versions efficiently.

If you have old hardware before Vista was released and the hardware is not compatible, the same would happen in Windows 7 and 8 so I don't get that as a legit reason for the Vista hating either.

Windows Vista is the last version to have classic start menu. Windows 7 have the classic start menu as an option but still has the newer style one, Windows 8's start menu is ditched altogether in favor of the start screen with tiles.

Windows Vista is about equally secure to Windows 7 and 8. The User Account Control has never bothered me but if it bothers you, you can turn it off if you know what you're doing on your computer. Windows 7 and 8 still have User Account Control no different and it can also be turned off the same exacty way.

This is more of an opinion, but Windows Vista by default was the last version of Windows that doesn't have a confusing task bar. Quick launch was there on the right side and the tasks were on the right side. Very simple. (Don't get me started on how Windows 7 and 8 can get quick launch back and that you can reconfigure the task bar the older style)

Windows Vista and 7 are the last versions of Windows ever to have Aero glass interface. I understand that Windows 8 has it left out in classic desktop because to keep consitency with "Modern UI". Windows 8 doesn't even have a Windows classic theme anymore (I don't care for it anyways ever since I went past XP but some might want classic interface as an option)

Windows 7 and lower are the last versions to be all point and click desktop interface where as Windows 8 has some touch and point and click put into one OS.

Windows Vista and 7 were the last versions of Windows to have Flip 3D to switch tasks (Win key + tab). Windows 8 leaves this out in classic desktop but still has Alt-tab command for 2D task switching.


Only good things about later versions of Windows that Vista doesn't have:

Windows 7 has TRIM support built in for SSD support

Windows 8 is designed for touch screens

Windows 8 has built in USB 3.0 support (Vista and 7 can get it with update and third party drivers)

Windows 8 is multi monitor friendly in classic desktop with a task bar on each extended Window and doesn't require third party software to achieve such functionality. (Vista and 7 need third party software for this)

Windows 7 and 8 support the 64 bit Flash player where as even Windows Vista 64 bit still has to use the 32 bit Flash player no matter what.

Windows 7 (soon to will) and Windows 8 can get Internet Explorer 10

Windows 7 and 8 can get Microsoft Office

Windows 7 and 8 have Windows Media Player 12 but Vista is limited to Media Player 11

Windows 7 has built in Direct X 11 (Vista can still get it, but it's not built in and needs to be downloaded)

Windows 8 has built in Direct X 11.1

Biggest thing, unless you have an SSD, some of those Vista issues can be minor but Vista is still a good OS today, especially with SP2 with Platform Update.

Just back in 2007, people overracted on why they really hated Vista.

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  • Jack R
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    7 years ago
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    Just because, people say it that way.

    Now, what I want to say about is, people hate new interfaces.

    It's like this,

    "Hey, this thing looks new, I hate it"

    They complain about all sorts of things, but the main reason is that they hate the new styles and interface.

    After Windows xp was released, people disliked it because it looked new, but anyway in the end, they opted for it.

    Windows Vista had a dramatic change in the interface and it looked more modern and smooth, with a much better Aero interface. The OS was good too. People hated it because, there was a large difference between Windows xp and Windows Vista. Everything was different, more modern, but they hated it citing all sorts of absurd reasons. So, the reason why they hated it was because it looked different. People just don't like the change. So all these people who hated these changes kept on and on saying that it was bad and useless, and everyone followed these people. They say that they are advanced It professionals, etc. and that Vista is terrible (just because it looks different and new).

    I myself had been using Vista for over 5 years, and it is quite good, no problems, like what some idiots claim.

    Windows 7 and Vista were more or less looking the same, and the interface wasn't that different, Windows 7 was just a copy of Windows Vista, so people liked it. See, it was because it looked the same and had not many differences (especially in the interface), everything was the same.

    Now, Windows 8 is release and the same thing like I said earlier is happening. Just because of the Metro-interface, and everything looks different, people hate it. These so-called 'advanced users' say all sorts of lame and absurd reasons that it is bad and so on. So, now many followed just what they said, and they also say that it is lame just because it looks different.

    See, people just hate the change, that's why.

    So, Microsoft, make sure all your OS are the same, and even after a hundred years don't change anything. Then, there would be no changes and people will like it.

    I am an advanced user, but I also find that Vista, Windows 8 are all good.

    If anyone criticizes it, saying all sorts of lame absurd reasons, just ask them to create their own OS the way they like it and the use it.

    Source(s): IT expert for nearly 20 years and still I say Vista and Windows 8 are good. My reason why people hate it is because they do not like changes.
  • 7 years ago

    People hate Vista because they were told to. Look are Windows Mojave. Once they saw it in action and actually used it they realized they had no reason to dislike it.


    Youtube thumbnail

    Now that's not to say that Vista was perfect. The driver model changed in order to prevent crashes and vendors were slow to issue compatible drivers for the OS.

    Another problem was the whole Vista Capable label fiasco. People buying new PCs with XP installed but with the Vista Capable label expected to get the wicked cool new Aero Glass transparency feature. Turns out that users could install Vista they couldn't get Aero Glass.

    Today Vista is a fine OS. There are plenty of drivers and even the low end integrated graphics chips can run Aero Glass. There's no reason to dump on people running Vista but Vista users really shouldn't be encouraged to upgrade their OS at this point and instead save their cash for a new PC. Vista was released in 2007 so Vista PCs are about 6 years old now and probably have a lot of wear and tear.

    - Dominic

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  • 7 years ago

    because of its features..

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