compaq presario CQ56 has a black screen?

I turned my computer on, and it will go to the red compaq screen, then say starting windows, then goes black. Its been doing this awhile now, i originally fixed it with a system restore but its happened again and now with a system restore its still a black screen. I also tried last known good configuration which did not work. I can start windows in safe mode. I also ran all my virus software so i know its not that either. Someone please help!! Thanks

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    8 years ago
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    Blank, white, blue, black, are any problems on the screen, can be one of two things.

    So you have to find out if it is the screen its self or if it is the GPU (video card) this is easy

    to do connect a second know good monitor to your computer, if the problem goes away you have a bad monitor or screen. this site will help with repairs...

    Hey, I enjoyed your question, I have worked as a technician most of my life, I hope I have helped you...

    Good luck...

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