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Why are Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton so racists and against white people?

Is it because that's how they make their living?

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    The short and simple answer is, as you surmise, that they make their living as demagogues. And a very good living it is too; the business of stirring up black hate against Whites has made both men wealthy and powerful. There isn't a single White media figure with anything resembling the resume of Al Sharpton. In politics, the last White with anything like Jesse Jackson's opinions or personal history was David Duke, and he's been out of office for more than twenty years.

    So much for the short answer, the long answer has to go to why being a professional anti-White racist works so well when by rights, it shouldn't work at all. From what I can see there are two main reasons for this...

    First, many nonwhites (and most US blacks) are grossly prejudiced against Whites and feel completely free to express it at any time in any way. Since their prejudice is almost always backed up by the full force of the legal system, the bureaucracy, and the mainstream media, their perception that they can get away with hateful behavior is usually correct. The huge number of violent hate crimes committed against Whites, coupled with the almost total absence of hate-crime prosecutions for these atrocities, is dismal proof of that.


    Second, Whites in general do not stick up for themselves the way all the other tribes do. Our individualism, which has led to so much achievement through the ages, is proving to be a serious drawback in post-American America. Many Whites today are so distracted by their careers, their hobbies and their personal lives that they literally never pay attention to anything else. Complicating this is that many Whites have been brainwashed by school and the media to hate themselves. This sick self-hatred has been deliberately programed into the emotionally vulnerable among us to render us helpless as a group.



    I said two reasons, but many thinks there's also a third, namely that the Overclass (aka, ruling class) for reasons of it's own wants the White masses to be disempowered. That is a long essay in itself so suffice it to say that the Overclass and the various minorities have a shared vested interest in keeping the White majority oppressed. I personally believe the modern definition of racism was created to demonize any attempt to organize our people on the basis of shared heritage. This is immensely useful to our wise and caring Lords and Masters (sarcasm off).

  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

    I agree, can we ever see anybody come to white human beings's defence while different races call us names. NO! the 1st replace seems to have rules now tremendously as quickly as somebody performs the sufferer. i'm so bored with listening to with reference to the stupid issues that are happening. Yea Imus might have made up of mistake all of us do yet understanding that he has been that way for an prolonged time you do no longer like it do no longer pay attention.. we've plenty greater interior the international happening than somebody making a remark that has gotten thank you to plenty interest. Why isn't Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson asked in the event that they might ever get up for white human beings? might they?

  • uc410
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    8 years ago

    simple...it is what the do. they like to incite the black community into a rage against the white community every chance they get. when something happens that the do not like or do not think is fair to blacks, or they feel happened only because someone was black....well they beat the drums and scream racism and discrimination in hopes of causing chaos and riots. that is what the racist kings do best.

    no matter if the black person was wrong it is still the fault of the white person.

    so go ahead...you need a new tv in you welfare apartment so it is ok to steal one from the white man.

  • Gent
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    8 years ago

    Agree with Nimadan.

    It's an international trend to dis-empower Whites.

    Will whites,CAN whites,fight back ?

    Is it too late ?

    The most educated,therefor potentially the most powerful,are having their freedoms,and rights systematically reduced.

    Who Benefits from that ?

    The minorities will kill off the White Golden Calf,then who will will support them ?

    The Corporate Government,will then have everyone by the balls,and everyone but them,Poor.

    Source(s): The inmates are taking over the asylum,and the asylum is getting over full.
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  • Zelda
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    8 years ago

    The pendulum has swung too far to the racist side for these black folks. I understand their fear and anger ( or so I would like to think ). I will not speculate on their motives, but I will say they only serve to hurt their people.

  • 8 years ago

    It is how they make their living.

    It is also a way of enforcing political correctness on those suffering from liberal guilt.

    Source(s): Revolting individuals.
  • 8 years ago

    Well ......... they're "like" the KKK. The aren't the KKK but they are very much like the old school racists.

    Simply full of fear.

    They hate, like the KKK hated the black man, these black men hate the white man. All hatreds, and I mean "ALL HATREDS" are born out of fear. Those men are as afraid of whites as the KKK were afraid of the blacks.

    There is no fear in love, and they have no love.

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    They're rabble rousers,having to search for a cause.

    They have nothing else.

    Men who's time is passed,but no where to go.

  • 8 years ago

    They really don't care,just looking for attention.

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