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What would be the most likely Giancarlo Stanton trades?

If the Marlins where willing to deal this guy, what do you think would be the best offer/ the offer they would accept.

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    The Cubs are looking to break their curse...maybe they'll try to pry him from the Marlins

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    Giancarlo Stanton is not likely to be traded this year. The reason is that while he earns MLB minimum now, and would get ~$35 mill in arbitration over the next three season. He's a 6 WAR player player who would fetch ~$130 on the free agent market for that time period, which results in a $95 million surplus value.

    In order to get that value, you'd have to offer back 2 top 10 hitting prospects (surplus value average of $35 mil) and 2 top 10 pitching prospects (surplus value of of $12 mil). These values are based on the WAR value of the average top 10 hitting/pitching prospect.

    No team has anything close to that level of a package. But, putting that aside... a team would certainly have to sell out their entire farm to get Stanton in return. So, a team like the Rangers would have to trade Jurickson Profar, Mike Olt, Luis Sardinas, Cody Buckel and MORE. The Orioles would have to give up Manny Macchado, Dylan Bundy, Johnathan Shoop, Eduardo Rodriguez and MORE. No team would be willing to forfeit that much of their future for one player.

    Given the cost and price, you're not likely to see a trade for Stanton until July 2014, when he's whittled away some of that value.

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    There is a 0% chance the Marlins trade Stanton. He is 23 and hes the future of this team. They are talking contract extensions already.

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    They will trade Stanton next offseason. Or at least begin to try.

    The only teams as of now that have the prospects do it are the Rangers and Mariners.

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  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    They aren't going to trade him.

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