Is it true that Natalie Portman gave her boyfriend a bj in Macy's changing room?

If you know the story then is it true? And you don't then here it is. Okay so about a month ago they Portman was in Macy's with her bf or husband and people saw her going to the men changing room with her husband/bf and they didn't come out for a long time. They don't believe she had intercourse cuz they didn't her any female moaning or anything like that. But I was watching TMZ (I wasn't actually watching my sis was watching something then when she was done watching that show and she left the TV on so when I came downstairs and that's what they were talking about on TMZ) and on it they said that they found semen on the changing room of the macy's that Natalie Portman went to with her bf/husband is that true? I'm not sure if it is cuz there is no video proof from the cameras and Natalie denies it but if you were her wouldn't you too?

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    Yes it's actually true. They found Benjamin Millepied's (Portman's husband) on the floor of the of the changing room they were in. The semen has been identified to be his, so people believe that Portman gave him a bj or handjob cuz they didn't hear any moaning from Portman. Portman is denying it but her husband didn't say anything. 98% of people believe it's true because they found her husbands semen and cuz they were in the same changing room for over an hour and people saw them going there with a pair of pants so unless it takes him an hour to put on one pants she totally gave him a bj or handjob.

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