What is the Cheapest way to transport a boat from Miami to New York or New Jersey.?

Google is no help i looked for over a hour and they are so expensive i might as well buy a different one here. What is the cheapest way to get a boat from miami to new york with out me driving down there or sailing it back.

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  • 8 years ago
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    Joe,the cheapest shipping method in your case is rail and they're more lenient on width vs. trucking boat. Get yourself a telephone book and start calling "moving companies" for pricing. And,don't forget to insure the cargo... Also,you have boat builders in FL that ship vessels "All Over The World" and they would be BEST source of info... since, they do it in their business and personally used their advice in past... Four-years ago shipped boat to Hawaii from FL and went rail cross country and ship the rest of way,but it was in 45' container for assembly there. Did not truck it cross country because it cost more and trucks are NOT allowed to drive cargo at night in certain states. Remember, mast has to be removed if such exists due to bridges,electrical wires,etc. Seeing how your going from Miami to NY or NJ,believe best to go train since easier to get into water if large vessel because rail ends at docks... Though do not know your size of vessel know aforementioned is all you need since shipper shall provide you with "correct information" while providing estimate. Unlike us, who do not ship boats for a living,they do... Lastly,if you go to the web sight "Boats and Harbors" there are licensed captains right there in FL that "make a living" by delivering boats. BUT,insure they can be "bonded " by your insurance company or carry their own "verifiable bond" should damage occur, otherwise the risk is great! ANY captain that complains about being bonded "Walk away from him/her",since they more than likely have "tainted past"...Good Luck Sailor!

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    What size boat?

    Is it on a trailer?

    Is it trailer able?

    With the answer to these questions, you can get a more reasonable answer.

    Smaller boat on a trailer, find someone that is going to the north east with a pick up truck and make a deal.

    Larger or no trailer boat is more complicated. You will need a boat moving company and it ain't gonna be cheap.

    You can always go to uship.com and list what you want to ship and go from there. It is a website that works like eBay for shipping almost anything.

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    If you can't "sail" or simply don't want to "sail" her up the Atlantic. . . You can motor her all the way up on the Atlantic Intra-coastal Waterway - this is a safe, fun voyage with lots to see and do along the way - furthermore, you are never much more then a stones throw from land,

    See this link for more information on the ICW:


    You don't mention the "size" of your vessel. . . this, obviously will make a huge difference in the cost of having her transported over land.

    For that, you can use this link:


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  • 8 years ago

    Cheap and boat just do not go well together, ever.

    How large is the vessel, what does she weigh. How tall and wide is the vessel. This is what figures in.

    If the vessel is 10' on beam and is 38' on deck, and has a mast, sail her.

    If it is a motor vessel, it weighs much more, sell her.

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    5 years ago

    It is really going to depend on what day of the week you want to leave, the time of day, and the airline. Usually I will fly into Ft. Lauderdale and rent a car because it will be cheaper than flying into Miami. When I do fly into Ft. Lauderdale, I use Spirit Airlines. If you have to fly into Miami, i would try Jetblue.

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    can anyone tell what is the right answer for this question?

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