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America doesn't mess with countries with nukes, so why is it bad if Iran and North Korea get nukes?

The USA was the first country to get nuclear technology, and what do they do with ti? Nuke Japan!

And this irresponsible country which used its nuclear technology to nuke another country is the one who gets to decide who gets nuclear technology, and who doesn't?

I'm American, and I don't believe American propaganda about Iran wanting to nuke the USA or Israel. I think that the only thing that they want to is to keep their sovereignty. I think that the only thing that Iran wants is to avoid an American invasion like the one that occurred in Iraq.

North Korea wants nuclear technology as well. North Korea has been living in an embargo set by the USA pretty much the same way was Cuba. Maybe all they want is to be get out of it.

I believe in the American 2nd Amendment. You own a gun to stand up against a tyrannical government. Having a gun doesn't mean you are going to use it, it's a statement meaning you don't want to be bullied. Owning a gun means that you want to be left in peace.

I believe that both Iran and North Korea want nothing than to be left alone by the USA. I don't think that they plan a nuclear attack on the USA. They just want to stand up against the tyrannical government that the USA has proven to be.

I'm American, and I support the right to bear arms. It's a God given right to be able to defend yourself.

I'm American, and I support Iran's and North Korea's right to have nuclear technology. It's their God given right to be able to defend themselves.

I can see pass the propaganda about Iran and North Korea being evil,

What's wrong with these countries having nuclear technology? Why is the USA the one who decides who gets it?

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    1- First country that should destroy their nuclear bombs is USA, that used them against innocent people in Japan.

    2- There is no evidence that Iran wants or try to make n. bomb.

    3- There are some evidence that says Israel has n. bombs and no one mess them!

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  • 7 years ago

    Oh my. The crazy and misinformation is strong with this one...

    Japan -> Did you forget that we were at war with Japan at the time? And that we had just lost a 100,000 marines(!) taking Okinawa? It was believed that had we had to have done a normal invasion of the Japanese mainland, US casualties were in estimated in the millions, which would have made such an operation far bloodier than the entire American Civil War AND WW1 combined.

    N. Korea has been under strict embargoes for the way it's treated the rest of the world. It's threatening S. Korea with imminent attack, it's threatened Japan, it's threatened just about every country in NATO. It irresponsibly spends billions of dollars on its weapon programs while its people are starving - then has the gall to beg the UN for food aid lest its people starve. When countries have fallen for N. Korea's sob stories, the aid gets confiscated by the military - none of it goes to the civilian population.

    And if N. Korea and Iran really wanted to be "left alone" then why have they both repeatedly stated their desire to attack neighboring countries? Iran's president has even stated he wants nothing more than to wipe Israel off the face of the Earth "...with fire" - clearly an indication of his willingness to use a nuclear weapon should his country develop one.

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  • 7 years ago

    I think the main reason the USA doesn't want Iran or North Korea to have nuclear weapons is because they're considerably less politically stable than we are. Dictators and civil wars hardly a good political climate make, and if either of those countries had nukes they wouldn't necessarily have the inhibitions needed to keep them from creating a crisis.

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  • 7 years ago

    When it comes to Iran or North Korea getting their rights to nuclear technology it isn't about rights. Its about national security. North Korea and Iran aren't stabile countries or easy countries to deal with in terms of diplomacy. It really isn't as simple as everyone on earth should have their god given right to defend themselves.

    Its more like, what would hitler do if he had advanced nuclear weapons? Even could let a seemingly normal country have nuclear arms but rulers could turn crazy especially in non-democratic ones.

    Its in the eyes of the leaders who are in charge our our defense that every country that gains nuclear arms technology is a threat to national security. Its the edge we have to being top dog in having best weapons and military in the world. Its in favor of our national security and the world's security to make sure we don't lose that position.

    Our education and economy may not be the best thing going for us but our defense system is pretty much one of our stabile feet in being a leading country. And we need that security until we rebuild our education, technology, manufacturing and economy.

    Source(s): I'm korean amer and get different media coverage about north korea. You do not want North Korea to gain that type of influence and North korea has made threats they are a security threat to multiple countries and China is helping them because they want America's spot. America has great values as opposed to countries that have racism and sexism embedded in their culture. I'm glad America is a leading nation because I do not agree with Korea and China's cultural beliefs. Imagine if we lose our position to these guys we'd become a 3rd world country living in a world where its okay gender inequality exists.
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  • 7 years ago

    WHOA!!! For one thing...North Korea HAS nuclear weapons! How do I know that but you do not? I'm not attacking you for not knowing, I'm just wondering why you don't and yet you asked this question? Also, Iran does not believe in or worship "God"! As a country they emulate, worship, and follow the teachings of a Man whose first name was Mohammed, so let's leave "God" out of this discussion, thank you. But to say that Iran wishes "good health and safety" on the people of Israel is at the least Naive, and truly I feel that you are trying to Intentionally Misinform people about the plight of Israel being surrounded by enemies...enemies that are motivated towards Israel's Destruction based on the Religious Views of Islam!

    Lastly, are you just being silly with your talk of the U.S. using nuclear bombs against Japan?? Are you TOTALLY Unfamiliar with the facts and occurrences during/surrounding World War II?? Again, I feel that your intention is to Misinform!!!

    Source(s): Wikipedia, Common Sense, General Knowledge...
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  • M W
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    7 years ago

    Funny, you said what I was thinking. This is old technology albeit deadly.

    It's amazing to me that we bother to worry about anything other than our economic situation and all the squatters, plus corruption. When we get a handle on our own affairs to an enviable status then perhaps we can lead by example, not by politics.

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  • 7 years ago

    because america want to be in control and if these countries get nukes they can't boss them about as much it's only a matter of time before someone nukes the usa and they know that there time is coming karma is a *****

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  • 3 years ago

    The Kims have been nuttier than squirrel **** since Day 1 of that family's dictatorship regime and Iran is a government ran by radical Muslims, also batshit crazy. Both countries have openly and publicly expressed their desire to bomb the hell out of us. Do you really want that kind of capability in the control of madmen that would destroy us in a minute if they had it? That would be absolutely and dangerously insane.

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  • 7 years ago

    For the simple reason that North Korea and Iran are rogue states, with unstable and radical leaders. They have no worries about millions of their people dying, one out of sheer fanaticism, and the other because of their crummy religion. That's why!

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  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    I really couldn't answer that, but one thing though - I'LL SLEEP MUCH MUCH BETTER KNOWING THERE'S TWO MORE NATIONS (1 of them a 5000yr old one) WITH THAT KIND OF POWER PROTECTING ME , IN THIS HUGE UNIVERSE.

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