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Would you recommend Movie 43?

The trailer looks funny but is it a good movie?

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    My all time favourite film critic Mark Kermode (YouTube him) reviewed the film and passed it off as very unfunny.

    Like you, I thought the movie looked pretty good because of it's all-star cast, but apparently it's dreadful. If the cinema tickets are cheap, then go for it. I wouldn't recommend paying much for this, you might regret it.

  • shakar
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    4 years ago

    EQUILIBRIUM. i individually enjoyed this movie and the action is particularly similar to the Matrix. placing: If I remember properly, the movie is desperate interior the destiny sometime after the third international conflict which critically cripples humanity. in basic terms so humanity under no circumstances returned has a conflict, the government found the thank you to suppress thoughts with using drugs that are mandatory to be taken on a daily basis. the government believes that with out thoughts, there can't be anger and hatred, meaning no conflict. because of this, something that promotes thoughts are banned, meaning all sorts of paintings is unlawful. PLOT: mutually as thoughts and paintings are banned, there are people who do no longer desire to offer them up. a particular police stress searches for and destroys paintings and their proprietors. inspite of the undeniable fact that, between the main leaders of the police stress starts off to experience thoughts himself and realizes that this is incorrect to dam thoughts. His help for experience offenders, people who experience thoughts, sparks a revolution against the government. P.S.: the 1st couple of minutes of the movie would look ridiculous, yet in basic terms save gazing. i individually in basic terms approximately supply up gazing the movie when I observed the start, yet now i'm happy I watched the completed ingredient.

  • 8 years ago

    Big pile of trash seriously

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