Can I get into Michigan State University?

I have a 3.449 GPA and hope to get a 23 or 24 on my ACT. THe GPA is low because i did really bad freshmen year (3.0) but I had all HONORS classes at that time. Otherwise, sophmore and semester 1 of junior year I got all A's and one B. I am not in IB. My extra carricular include:

- I've been in a musical

-I do photography

- Cultural Dancing

- LifeTeen (Catholic Club)

- National Art Honors Society

- 4A's Club (volunteer, community service club)

- I speak English, Slovak and currently learning french

So do you think I can get into U of M.? I do live in Michigan

What other really good national business schools can I get into? I'd like to go east or south of michigan. I have no colllege money saved up :/ I want to go into international business or international relations and photography minor

I am in accelerated pre calc math, accelerated french, AP English, and I hope to take AP Economics, AP English, and AP Psychology senior year.

- My GPA should raise to at least 3.5 by senior year

IS MSU good with business? I want to do international business, is it worth it to go here for 4 yrs and have $80,000 in debt? Can I pay it off fast?

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    I live in Michigan and I've looked into all the major Michigan schools and I know my friends grades and scores and what schools they got into so I can help!

    Yes I think you can definitely get into MSU.

    But no, sorry, it doesn't look good enough for U of M.

    U of M requires a beyond excellent GPA with an impressive ACT (think a 3.7+ GPA and a 29+ ACT score) with many extracurriculars and preferably some leadership experience as well. U of M is an internationally renowned school and highly competitive! MSU is a great state school, while U of M is a great school internationally.

    MSU requirements, while selective, are not nearly as selective. MSU requires more like a 3.3+ GPA and a 23+ ACT. With your extracurriculars and honors/AP classes I'd honestly be quite surprised if you did not get into MSU. Just be sure to have a letter of recommendation sent and a nice essay and you're as good as in (but continue to do as well as you have been, don't start slipping!)

    Many people want to go to MSU and don't make it - it really is a great school! It's just easier to get into and known for being a party school ("sparty hardy," "sorry for sparty rocking," the infamous couch burnings...), so it's not as academic and selective. U of M is a great school and it does have fun and parties, but they're just really selective academically and have a lot more rigorous workload.

    I would still apply to U of M if you want to go there. There is no harm in applying!

    I'm not a business major so I don't know what other schools are good for business in Michigan but Wayne State is a good school and you'd DEFINITELY be accepted with scholarship there. Oakland University and U of D Mercy are some other good schools you'd be accepted in most likely with scholarship. Central, Eastern, and Western are all decent schools and you'd be accepted. I never heard much about Grand Valley State University but I have a few friends who go there now and they seem to like it quite a bit.

    About if MSU is worth it and can you pay it off, it's all up to your work ethic and attitude at school and the opportunities presented to you. But it's definitely a good school. It is a school that has a difficult environment to study well in, though, I will warn you of that. It's known to be one of the top party schools in the country!

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    I didn't realize 3.0 was 'really bad'.

    I'm screwed.

    At any rate, just apply and see what happens. With a lot of colleges, scholarships, classes, etc they just say it's harder to win/get in then it really is. It's always worth a shot.

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