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best film schools in new york?

im looking for a film school in ny that is affordable but hands on, and provides a good education. I live out of state so i have to consider cost, also im looking at cuny colleges, is this a good college.I already know about nyu, so yeah. also any good schlorship oppornties of out of state undergrad students

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  • 7 years ago
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    Hi, I am a staff member at the New York Film Academy. This school is the best hands-on Film and Acting School and a great place to launch your film career.

    Our film programs give students on-camera training within the first few days of studying. We help students dedicate themselves to an intensive program, while being surrounded by other passionate students. Our award-winning faculty emphasizes learning by doing from day one.

    NYFA offers Master of Fine Arts, Bachelor of Fine Arts, Associate of Fine Arts and 1 & 2 Year Conservatory Programs in Filmmaking.

    We have a variety of options for funding your studies. The New York Film Academy is pleased to offer Need Based Grant to qualifying students. This is an institutional based grant to help pay for a portion of the student's cost of education in the New York Film Academy's one-year, two-year, AFA, BFA and MFA programs. Also, many of our students use a Private Education Loan to cover both tuition and living expenses. NYFA will help process any grants or scholarships a student might find. The New York Film Academy campuses in New York City and Los Angeles have been approved for the training of veterans and eligible persons under the provisions of the GI Bill.

    Please feel free to contact me at anytime at or (212) 674-4300.

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