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Jan asked in Family & RelationshipsFriends · 7 years ago

HELP ME!!!! My best friend and I are VERY competitive with each other!?!?

Help me! My best friend, Kath and I are VERY compet tive with one anoth when it comes to pretty much everything. I know people say that best pals are always compet tive but it is really jerking my emotions and I feel like she is always beating me off.

Here are some examples of our compet tiveness -

1. Yesterday she called me early in the morn and said she was on her way to work and that she can get to work faster than me. I know this is not true because she lives 15 minutes further than I do (we work at the same officed building) and her min van does not jerk as fast as my volv wagon. ok?

2. Yesterday aftnoon we went to get some tasty happ hour snacks at the local chilis and she said that she could eat her loaded nachos faster than I could eat mine so we both began shoving and hoisting nachos very unhealthily down our mouths while staring each other with very large eyeballs to see who would give up first. I choked on my loaded nachos a few times and she did not even care, she told me that I was getting beats off by her once again.

3. After we left chilis that same night, she swirved her min van next to my wagon at a red light and was staring at me very viciously and started "reving" her engine to intimates me. As soon as the light turned green she jerked her min van very violently and I didn't want to race so I just drove a nice smooth 35 and she slowed all the way down until I was next to her again and then she stared at me and rubbed the steering wheel very repetitively and took off once again.

How can I tell my best friend that I don't want to be compet tive with her? I don't mind if she can eat her nachos faster than me or jerk to work quicker than me, I just want us to enjoy being pals?! Help! How should I approach her and tell her that I don't like her always trying to beat me off?

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  • 7 years ago
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    She does this because you accept a challenge.

    If you don't like it, you should just ignore.

    Something like, 'I'll dig whole kitchen garden all over in 3 hours. And you?'

    'Me? Nope. Go ahead.'

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