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I want to know which hotels in orlando that are not to far from diseney World and affordable?

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    Check out Disney value resorts. good prices. and many perks to staying at a Disney resort. They will take you to and from the airport-which is a big savings. You are have free transportation to all Disney parks. Less hassles, much more fun.

    I have stayed off site twice and one site 4 times. Shuttle service from hotels are horrid. and if you rent a car and pay for parking- compare that to just staying at a Disney value resort.

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    When my family and I went to Disney World in 2009, we stayed at the Rio Hotel in Orlando. From what I remember it wasn't outrageously expensive. It had a bus that came different times throughout the day, that went straight there. But we would then take the monorail train thing to whichever park! Hope I helped.

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    Too many to name. Go to [or any of the other travel websites] and look them up. Or, use a travel guidebook from your library or bookstore. The "Unofficial" guide to WDW has lots of them listed.

    Be aware, though, that you DO NOT want to be in Orlando itself, but rather in the Kissimmee area, International Drive, etc.

    You may want consider renting a condo. You can find lists at, or do a search on "Orlando area resort rentals".

    Be sure you know exactly where the hotel/condo is located compared to WDW, as it can make a big difference. If you're off-premises you will definitely want to rent a car.

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    I suggest saying at one of the All-Star resorts on loaction at Disneyworld

    rooms go for around $100 a night, which is average in Orlando, and include a great atmosphere and FREE bus transportation to the parks. So you save money on gas and parking (which can get pretty expensive). Trust me, staying on location is very much worth it

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