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I pushed my husband, he called the poliece. i was arrested. let out on ror. i have a court date what will happ?

My husband had an argument. I pushed his shoulder.He called the police, i was arrested, and in jail for 24 hours. I was let out on ROR, first offense.i have a court date, What would happen if he pressed charges against me?

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    What would happen is you would be convicted of simple battery. Given that it's a first offense, you'd probably get let off with probation.

    ROR = Released on Own Recognizance.

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    So what? An officer observed you using poorly and made the remarkable determination to drag you over. The officer then desperate there became into sufficient life like suspicion to do a PBT and probable the Standardized field Sobriety assessments. After failing all those factors, you have been arrested and dropped on the station or detention center for the intoxilyzer, the place you blew a .07. nicely, congrats on that, yet that's no longer a get out of detention center loose card. you nevertheless failed all those different alerts and could bypass to courtroom. you would be convicted of DWI being below the criminal shrink. All you are able to wish is that the officer became into no longer an extremely reliable checklist author. in case you think of a criminal expert will help you to, then via all ability hire one. nevertheless a physically powerful hazard you would be discovered to blame and nevertheless have attorneys expenditures and DWI fines to pay. Your very final invoice would be interior the loads, after paying courtroom expenses, the effective, license reinstatement, coverage, etc.

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    What will happen is the best thing for you, you will be forced to go to counseling for a number of months. You will get the help you need to express your anger in a more appropriate way.

    Good luck

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    7 years ago

    I don't understand; they let you out of jail because you ROR'ed? Like a lion? You must be able to RORRR really loud.

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