What types of Master's degrees can I get online, with a Bachelors in General Studies?

Just wondering what type of degrees were available online, to someone who has a bachelor's in general studies.

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  • 8 years ago
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    If I were in your position, I would do two things. The first would be to evaluate my purpose in earning the master's degree, and the second would be to do a little research. Ask yourself what you want to accomplish. If the master's is supposed to get you a job, then it will be wise to know whether or not an online degree will work. Do some checking around on the web to find out whether any online schools offer M.A. degrees. If so, in what subjects? Where would you apply for a job when you finished the degree? Once you know those things, it would be wise to investigate whether the degree will do you any good. If, for example, you want to work for Farkle Industries as a quality control supervisor, visit their employment office and ask, "Will you hire a person with an M.A. in Management from "Online University"? If they tell you that they will, then your effort will pay off. If not, you might want to consider an M.A. from a more traditional school. Naturally, if the purpose of the master's is simply for your own knowledge, and you really don't expect ever to use it to apply for a job, then you can get it wherever you wish, and any online school which offers something you are interested in will fill the bill.

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