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    shutter island(小說名稱)

    The book I read is called shutter island, it's written by Dennis Lehane. I think the story this book tells is very special. It's an uncertain ending, which means the writer let the reader imagine the ending. So this book can be explained in two ways.

    Teddy Daniels is a marshal. His wife Dolores died in a fire a couple of years ago. There is a big mental hospital on the shutter island. Andrew, the person who caused the fire, was in that hospital. One day, a patient named Rachel disappeared. She killed her three children several years ago. Teddy volunteered to investigate this case because he wanted to get a chance to revenge for his wife. After he arrived the island, he started to investigate the case. But he discovered that everyone on the island lied to him. He didn't know the reason, but it seemed that they didn't want him to find Rachel. He was confused about that. Finally he found out that the doctors here have been doing lethal experiment secretly for many years, using the patient's body. Rachel's disappearance is just a excuse that they made up to lie to Teddy. They wanted to use Teddy's body to do lethal experiment.

    When Teddy realized that, it's too late. Doctors on the island added the chemical into his foods and drinks and that made him go nuts. He wanted to escape from the island but he failed. Finally he was imprisoned. The doctors claimed that his miss to his wife made him have a mental problem.

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    The other way to explain the story is that Andrew, the main character, killed his wife Dolores. She was a mental patient and she killed their three children.

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    Andrew was a marshal before he went in the shutter island, which has a big hospital on it. But he became crazy after his wife's dead. He believes that he is still a marshal, and he is here because of his mission.

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    Because he was a marshal, he is very quick in his movement. He always makes trouble because he wants to escape from shutter island and exposes their crime. The doctors decide to use a latest cure.

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    They follow Andrew's make-up story, and play it on the shutter island. At last it works. Andrew finally became conscious.

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