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What has changed in NASCAR in the past few seasons?

I haven't watched NASCAR in ages.

Has anything interesting happened recently?

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  • mbl
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    8 years ago
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    Depends on your definition of "few". Nascar decided around 2004 to begin the process of dumbing down the sport. The Chase, Lucky dog rule, double wide restarts, Green-white-checker finishes, etc. The rules were designed to add excitement to a sport that was already very exciting and very successful. The stands were full back then. Now the sport is relatively struggling. There are of course other factors like the economy.

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    Actually for myself, ( went to at least three races a year for 16 years ) The racing is not racing anymore. They begin the race, then just ride around like in traffic on the freeway. Then if one gets too far out front of the rest, BAM, a phoney caution. Debris on the back stretch. ( No one can see back there ). Then a big wreck because of the re-start. A bunch of the top cars get taken out. Then more just riding around. And it ends with some car that was not even competitive, until many of the best cars were wrecked, wins by coasting to save gas.

    That is it in a nutshell. Check a race out and see if that isn't truth.

    The championship is not for racing it seems, it is for saving fuel. Maybe the new green thing ?

    Edit : if Nascar WAS a sport, what does any recognized sport do when an official makes phoney calls ?

  • Sam H
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    8 years ago

    Pete is right.

    To many whiney fans complaining and nitpicking every little thing. If a race has a little bit of cautions, then fans will say it was a boring race and they complain, yet when NASCAR throws a bogus caution because the race is getting strung out, the fans still complain. I think the fans are the issue. They don't know what they want. And if NASCAR changes 1 rule people automatically start thinking of retarded conspiracy theories.

    NASCAR is in a lose lose position. But just like any sport or Motorsport, nascar has its ups and downs. I think NASCAR is currently going up in the right direction. If they can trim off the fat (whiney fans), then we are in business.

  • In 2004, they got a new sponsor. It changed from Wintson to Nextel and then Sprint bought Nextel a few years later. Toyota joined in 2007 or so. Junior moved to Hendrick in 2008. In 2011, the Wood Brothers got another Daytona 500 (first in 35 years, their first win in ten years) with a rookie driver, which set a new youngest winner record by five and a half years and Jimmie Johnson's championship streak( 2006-2010) snapped. In 2012, Chevy's championship streak (2005-2011) snapped and the champion was a Dodge driver and first Cup champ born in the '80's. Ironically enough, Dodge pulled outta the sport with a bang. Just what I didn't want :-(. I used to be Dodges were duds... let the future roll. here.

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    The one thing that has happened which is really great is the achievements in safety for the cars and then the tracks themselves. What they call safer barriers have been installed at all the tracks which greatly dissipates energy when piled into by 4,000 lbs. stock cars!!! I feel this is the one biggest improvement which definitely will saves lives! And then there are the safety innovations in the cars themselves which have leaped at least 100 fold in the last 15 years or so. These new cars are designed so superbly that I doubt we will see anymore deaths occur on the tracks! A car flying up into the crowds is still a definite possibility and real danger. Carl Edward's car nearly made it over the fence at Talladega a few years ago. Thank God it didn't get over the safety fence!!! I have much more I could add but I don't want to bore you. My contribution to your question is enough for now! Thanks for asking

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  • Pete
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    8 years ago

    It's gained a lot more whiny fans.

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