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NMFSR: Thoughts on JTs new song Mirrors?

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The king is back! I didnt really like Suit & Tie but Mirrors is amazing! I think this album is gonna be amazing! I dont think it'll be as good as Futuresex/lovesounds but you never know! (:

BQ: Worst Valentines day for you too? For the first time since like Elementary I didnt have anyone to spend it with ):

BQ2: Did you watch the Grammys last Sunday?!?! Wasnt it awesome when Taylor dissed Harry?!?! I loved it!

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    8 years ago
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    bq2 taylor swift likes to diss her exes i wonder why though

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    i used to love justin alot in 09 happy to see him bringm out a new video

    bq im sorry to hear that ..mine was probably 2 years ago when i didnt get nothing

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