I need to double check on my answers?

__1. Alexis de Tocqueville

__2. Jean Jacques Rousseau

__3. John Locke

__4. Adam Smith

__5. John Rawls

__6. Robert Nozick

__7. Thomas Malthus

__8. Jim Crow

__9. Page and Shapiro

__10. Robert Dahl

__11. Roberto Michels

__12. William Domhoff

__13. C. Wright Mills

__14. Alexander Hamilton

__15. Daniel Shays

__16. James Madison

__17. Publius

__18. Montesquieu

__19. John Marshall

__20. Edmund Burke

__21. Charles Beard

__22. Alfred Chandler

__23. John Hancock

__24. Roger Taney

__25. Dred Scott

__26. V. O. Key

A. President of the Continental Congress at time of the signing

of the Declaration of Independence.

B. led a rebellion that convinced many of the inadequacies

of the government under the Articles of Confed.

C. French political scientist who wrote

about American political culture in the early 19th century

D. Scottish economist known for his laissez faire doctrines.

E. Pseudonym for Madison, Hamilton,

and Jay in writing the Federalist Papers.

F. Chief Justice who first established judicial review.

G. this Supreme Court decision said that slaves were property,

not citizens and had no rights.

H. iron law of oligarchy.

I. segregation

J. economic interpretation of the Constitution.

K. wrote about the breakdown of the General Will

with the expansion of government.

L. organized the Constitutional Convention.

M. their study shows that democracy may actually work.

N. natural rights philosopher

O. appointed to Supreme Court by Jackson,

he wrote the Dred Scott decision.

P. libertarian who argued that redistribution of wealth will not work.

Q. elitist theory

R. overpopulation theory

S. argued for a more elevated and enlightened vision of voters

T. wrote of the need for redistribution of wealth.

U. argued that it is Middle Management that runs corporate America

V. contends that pluralism of interest groups controls America

W. primary writer of Federalist Papers.

X. wrote about balance of powers.

Y. described the small group of very wealthy families

that controls America

Z. British political philosopher who wrote

that elected representatives should act

as delegates of the voters.

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    How can I double check your answers when you didn't post your answers?

    You only posted the questions.


  • millie
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    4 years ago

    No, your advance supplies -23x while the question is +23x (7x+8)(5x-9) = 35x^2-63x+40x-72 = 35x^2-23x-72 (7x-8)(5x+9) = 35x^2+63x-40x-72 = 35x^2+23x-seventy 2 consequently 35x^2 + 23x - seventy 2 = (7x-8)(5x+9)

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