Why did Google ignore Saint Valentine today?

Why did Google ignore Saint Valentine today ? They put up a tribute to the Ferris Wheel. They did the doodle for Ferris' B-day. I'd think Valentine's Day was much more celebrated than Mr Ferris.

PS - I checked and saw that Google also ignored Easter. Could this be because these were Christian holidays ? I am an atheist - so I have no ulterior motives ! I think most people just celebrate the day as a love holiday !!

At any rate - hug your sweetie and have a great time today !!


Yes, gabba, I know that - but it was an offhand mention of Valentines Day, NOT the primary doodle for today.

As for Easter - quite obviously we haven't had Easter yet - THIS YEAR ! What I referred to was the past year's Easter. And possibly many past years ! I mean - WHY would Google not recognize those days ! Obviously they have more meaning to many more people around the planet - than like the Ferris B-day, and whatever Goog's put up instead of Easter.

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  • 8 years ago
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    If you let the cursor hover over the picture it says that it's for both Valentine's day and George Ferris' 154th birthday :) and it hasn't been easter this year yet... I'm certain it celebrates it every year!

  • gulfam
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    5 years ago

    I am a Catholic. In the Liturgical Calendar at present is the Thursday within the First week of Lent. Little is famous about St. Valentine, instead of there were a few martyrs via this identify for the duration of the third century . Thus St. Valentines Day has not been a Catholic Feast Day seeing that Vatican II. Excellent point, though. St. Valentine's day is an additional example of what started out as a devout holiday being turned into a day of commercial extra.

  • Rosa
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    8 years ago

    In the middle there's 2 arrows pointing to a button. Click the button and it'll go through a whole bunch of Valentine's Day things

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