dark souls question/help/advice?

ok so so far ive defeated the twin gargoyls sorry if i spelled it wrong and now im in the forrest and came across some golems and i know it is a hard game but should i just kill a bunch of enemies to farm alot of souls what level would you recommend to go through the forrest and any good armor pieces or weaponns and any advice would help and i already have the drake sword

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  • pmaxu
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    7 years ago
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    I don't know what's more sad. Your question, or the fact that I know what you're asking about.

    Either way, I'd check out this wiki for information:


    For the most part, gear in that game is what makes the difference, and levels only play a small part (though obviously you need to level enough to wear the gear you need). As far as the forest goes, that's not really the direction you want to go at this point (although if you can get the crest, you can go farm souls pretty easily off the npc's past the locked door). You really want towards the depths, then blight town, and fight the spider queen lady to ring the second bell. From there, you can really go wherever you want (though I suggest going to Anoro Londo so you can open up the seals and get the Lordsvessel to warp around).

    I still can't believe that I actually just wrote that paragraph....

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