Best caliber tactical carbine in the AR 15... or other? + Barrel length?

I have decided to spring for a tactical carbine, I am looking at a flat top AR 15, I was curious I know you can buy them chambered for .223, 30.06 or the .308, I intend to use this gun as a SHTF rifle, so I won't use it for hunting or anything else just range use and in case SHTF use. I was also curious about barrel length or the best combination of the caliber vs barrel length. I know the 16inch is better for close quarter but gives up range, so I am torn.


I am open to looking at other weapons, but I like the fact there are so many accessories to the AR 15. I have looked at the M1, M1 Carbine, some of the foreign brands are just to expensive I am looking to stay in the 800-1200 dollar range.

Update 2:

one more thing, not looking to break the bank on ammo thats why I am looking at the .223.

Update 3:

Arthur - looked at the mini I like them, they go for around 600 here, I know you can buy stocks and accessories that make them comparable to a AR. I know that the local walmart in Montana sell ARs for around 600 as well though

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  • 7 years ago

    Arthur knows his stuff. I'd put a mini against an ar in a firefight any day. 7.62x39 is a superior round to the 5.56 IMHO as well. Anything labeled "AR" right now is being priced to hell and back by the greedies out there. You'll end up paying more than the gun is actually valued. If you're set on one, wait out the madness. Legislation won't be passed tomorrow morning. If not, find a mini or one of the good sks rifles.

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    7 years ago

    Their prices are so inflated right now. I wouldn't buy one. Try looking for a mini-14 or a mini-30. They can probably be had for cheaper.

    Edit: For caliber, I would go with a 7.62x39 or .308. Both of those are better all around multi-purpose cartridges than the .223.

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