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the sequester could cause the loss of a million jobs. gop?


obama didn't think the gop was stupid enough to go over the fiscal cliff. thank god, they are.

Update 2:

Since they guarantee it, they must already have the job losses planned!...whines alex jones

Update 3:

It was put there to ensure that congress did something about runaway spending....well nothing got done, and here we the house gop has done nothing. i see

Update 4:

bipartisan means gop and dem

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    Since they guarantee it, they must already have the job losses planned!

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    it relatively is hilarious. The "sequester cuts" are a complete of $1trillion over ten years or in trouble-free terms $one hundred billion in one twelve months. Now evaluate that the Federal spending point is merely shy of $4 trillion money that quantities to 3 2.5% in Federal spending. no longer lots once you think approximately the government now borrows 40 two cents of each and every dollar spent. Now evaluate that baseline budgeting immediately will advance Federal spending from 5% to eight% each and consistent with annum and you will see they do no longer seem to be certainly cuts yet merely no longer as massive of will advance. to bypass one step farther, the GDP is approximately $sixteen trillion (relating to comparable to contemporary federal debt) so a $one hundred billion "cut back" is far less that one a million/2 of one %. it relatively is a tiny minuscule area of economic activity interior the country. think of relating to here for a minute. the federal government spent approximately $480 billion final twelve months just to provider the activity on the debt. the present rates of activity are traditionally low, decrease than one % on that debt. What happens whilst the rates return to historic norms, and that they'll? That $480 billion could desire to easily bounce to $2 trillion plus. So please let us know the place one greater $2 trillion each and consistent with annum is going to come again from? Is the government going to borrow that still? As for the dollar crashing evaluate this. in view that 2007 the Federal Reserve has advance the quantity of money interior the economic device via over six hundred% as measured via M3 and at present monetizes $80 5 billion a month, or almost $a million trillion each and consistent with annum, of government debt. each and every "dollar revealed" devalues each and every dollar in circulate. you will discover the effects in larger expenditures and that's merely a rely of time whilst those fee will advance start to electrify the "real" inflation fee. (remember, housing, power and meals costs are excluded from "real" inflation numbers).

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    Funny how quickly they forget and distort reality, eh @Maxwell.

    It was put there to ensure that congress did something about runaway spending....well nothing got done, and here we are.

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    Don't point fingers at the GOP

    It was Obama that insisted sequester be included in the debt deal.

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  • liberals are tax loving, stealing, lying , hypocritical, wannabe heros, who lie about not being racist, are race card loving, cheating, brainwashed, socialist supporters, they hate any one who doesn't support their sent by god leader,and have always claimed to being the good guys throughout history, only to their convenience of course.

    they have lied throughout history. the socialist/communist supporters of yesterday, are our school teachers of today. Obama dose not give a crap about the Latino people. he uses welfare as a bribe to the poor. he blames the rich for EVERYTHING!. he lies about every thing. the media supports him because when america becomes a communist country, the owners don't want the govt to steal every thing of theirs.


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    Yet the democrats were the ones that insisted it be a part of the debt deal.

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    gop lies

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