im doing a research paper on police brutality and corruption, since most of the police force is honestly?

corrupted, how many would actually get put in jail for it?

i would like to interview any current, ex or retired police officer please email me :)

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    If this is for college be prepared to fail. As you already have already made conclusions.

    I am closely involved with a unnamed police department. Every once and a while you hear something an officer did that was 'questionable'. Officer's immediately throw that officer out of any social groups and s/he becomes an outsider. Police are the best at policing their own members.

    Of course there are officers that are corrupt. Just like there are bad workers in an office environment or a teacher who only grades based on how much he 'likes' you. However, in terms of ratios; police officers have a less misconduct issues than almost any other job.

    The department I am involved with will fire an officer almost immediately if misconduct is reported and it is found out to be completely true. Then again, our crime rates are pretty low and the residents of the city actually like the police department.

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    well maybe i dont know much about corruption or brutality. there has been lately 2 cops put into jail for smugaling drugs for just a 1000 dollars. they were or are facing jail for life. look it up its in houston texas

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    um..let me get this straight, you want to interview people you are already accusing of corruption? yeah.. let's all sign up for that. your bias is so blatant that any question you would ask is suspect.

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  • 7 years ago

    very few.

    everyone knows cops are above the law

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