How can you tell if a company expenses stock options?

I'm doing a report on Nike, Inc. and I can't figure out if they expense stock options or not. Also, I can determine if they expensed them prior to 2006.

Any advice on how to figure this out? I looked at the most recent 10-K but I'm lost.


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  • 8 years ago
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    1. Profits and gains from stocks options, if any, will be included in the following item of the Income Statement(vide site given below):

    "Total Other Income/Expenses Net (54,000)"

    2. Please read the company's 'Unabridged' Annual Accounts. It is possible that in the break-up of the above item, some information on the subject may be available.

    3. It is also possible that some information is available in:

    -Auditors' Report, or

    -Notes to Accounts

    4. If a visit to the office of the company is a part of your Study, you may enquire from the company also.



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    4 years ago

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