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Is this normal or did u experience this?

Um. Okay. So I turned vegetarian two days ago because of watching the earthlings video(if ur not familiar of it, it's a video talking about animal abuse on And today I ate meat... but it was so disgusting to me. Like I pretty much forced it into my mouth. At lunch today they had gumbo which I heard was good but little did I know what gumbo was, lol. It turns out its like Meat soup. And I bought it (not knowing what it was) and didnt wana waste it, so I tried eating it but ended up throwing most of it away. Anyways, right now my parents made chicken tostadas. And my step mom served my food (they don't know about me thinking about being vegetarian) and I ate one, but I was so disgusted. By the smell, flavor, texture, and mostly the thoughts in my head of the slaughterhouses. I wanted to puke. I threw away the other tostada. I don't think I can eat meat anymore. Like I just CAN'T. My body and my mind isn't letting me. And that's what I wana do, not eat meat. But the problem is, what the hell do I eat? And like how do I tell my parents I'm vegetarian. And have any if u experienced this when u first became a vegetarian? Please please please help.

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    They happened to me ALOT some days I would be ableto eat meat and somedays I would be so disgusted by it and end up throwing it up. Then one day my guardian got super pissed and told me that you cant 'sometimes' be a vegetarian so I decided to become a full vegetarian (which wasnt hard because meat is gross) and ive been a vegetarian for over 8 monthes. And at first its a bit hard but after about 2-3 days its alright. (But im still getting used to tofu.....)

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    I hate videos like that. They mentally damage people for no good reason. Yes industrialized farming is not pretty, but there are other cruelty free farms, yet those videos don't like to mention it because it's bad for their 'publicity' as they are a vegan/vegetarian group. If you really want to be vegetarian then you gotta tell your parents. You will want to replace meat with beans, nuts, seeds and veggies high in protein. Try to stay away from fake meats. They are highly processed and not good for you.

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    I understand! It is too bad that more people didn't realize what really happens...that being said, there is lots for you to eat :) Beans, legumes, fruit, vegetables, whole grains. Just be careful, a lot of things have hidden animal products in them. A good book by Joe furman is "eat to live" He outlines why it is so healthy to have a plant based diet. Just be careful, a lot of junk food and candy is vegetarian.

    Some meal ideas? Vegetarian Chili, black bean burritos with fresh avocado and salsa, Chili and nachos, vegetarian spaghetti, vegi sandwiches, toast and peanut butter, vegi stir fry....

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    Just straight out tell your parents.....and search on how you will replace protein and iron by telling them it's in legumes and dark green veggies and orange veggies. Good luck take some vitamins minerals as well. If your parents hear you are knowledgeable on the matter they might not mind this change

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    Here's what you need to eat. Please make a note of the pulses and vegetables which I've mentioned. Apart from those mentioned, it would be beneficial to purchase fruits and vegetables which are native to your region so that you can formulate your own recipes in the future.

    You need to make sure you eat pulses at least three times a week and fruits and vegetables everyday.

    Have a fruit for breakfast(apart from something else of course) and vegetables/pulses for lunch and dinner.

    Make sure you include ALL varities of fruits, vegetables, pulses, grains, nuts, seeds and dry fruits in your grocery list.

    Don't eat mock meat and soybean as mock meat contains sodium and soybean is bad for health.

    Mock meat is also soy based so too much soy can be bad for health.

    Actually even a little soy is bad for health.

    What's wrong with soy?

    Soy beans are naturally toxic to humans, but they're harmless when they go through a fermentation process, which is how we get tofu.

    But soy is being used in more and more things these days.

    Just look through your cabinet. You'll be surprised.

    Anyway, most companies aren't putting their soy beans through this process because it takes too much time, and time = money.

    Instead, they put it through a chemical process, but this rarely gets rid of the soy's toxicity completely.

    Symptoms of a high soy diet are thyroid problems, breast cancer, and other complications.

    People get these symptoms because the soy they eat isn't fermented.


    Mock meat can never be part of a staple diet(food what you eat everyday) as it is highly processed.

    You CAN have it ONCE IN A WAY.

    Its a luxury and not a need.

    Now looking at a staple diet, You'll need to consume naturally occurring FRUITS,VEGETABLES(cauliflower,carrot, potato, beetroot, broccoli, okra, eggplant, radish, turnip, cabbage, bitter gourd, spinach,capsicum(aka bell peppers)),PULSES(chickpeas,kidney beans,black eyed peas,green gram,black gram,lentils,lablab bean,moth bean,horse gram,cow pea,double beans),NUTS(cashew nuts,peanuts,walnuts,pistachios,raisins) and GRAINS.

    Also, do have figs once in a while as it is good for blood purification.

    Make something like rice and bread your staple diet.

    You can have rice with vegetables or lentils/legumes for lunch and bread(I have Indian bread usually) with pulses for dinner.

    You will get all vitamins and minerals from fruits,vegetables,pulses, legumes and nuts provided you consume them in variety so don't fall for the myth that says vegans/vegetarians need to take multivitamin supplements.

    Vegans/vegetarians don't need to take supplements as they get all their nutrients from the above mentioned sources.

    Supplements are supposed to be taken by people with deficiencies so do not take them UNLESS they have been prescribed to you by a doctor.

    Here are some recipes:

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