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can someone please name the best bearings,wheels trucks they have ever had on a longboard?

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    You can get great performance out of bearings for a much cheaper price than with companies like bones, etc. and there's absolutely no need to overpay for them. Two great and cheap brands that have been tried, proven, and gained a great deal of popularity in the longboarding community are Magic and Zealous. Magic bearings retail for about 9 bucks per set of 8 bearings and put out separate precision spacers, although they can be matched with any 8x10mm spacer. Zealous are built-in bearings. That means the spacer is built in to the inner race. The inner race is also extended on the other side so that you don't need to use speed rings with them. That makes them extremely convenient because lost speed rings are extremely common and annoying. They retail for about 13 bucks. Both bearings will serve you extremely well and at that price, it's won't be so hard on the wallet when you eventually do have to replace them.

    As for wheels, most major longboarding brands make great wheels. Which wheel shape/formula you want to buy depends on what you want to do and your preferences as you learn which is why I'd suggest getting a cheaper brand for now and trying friends' wheels as you go down the road. That said, most companies make wheels for all disciplines. Phat Deanz, Abec11, Fireball, Rider Approved Designs, Volante, Sweetspot, and These (These brand focuses mostly on sliding and are a tad expensive) are all known to make high quality wheels. For an beginner, Abec 11 flashbacks are a great, cheap wheel that will do anything. Any of these companies will serve you well, though. Orangatang also makes good wheels but they are pricey. Your local facebook "longboard buy/sell/trade" page will often feature them, sometimes new, at greatly discounted prices.

    You're definitely not going to have to go over your budget. Check out some of the major longboarding stores (websites) like muirskate and longboardskater, they sell all these items with free shipping and like most longboarding websites, they offer discounts periodically through their facebook pages. Good luck!!

    And seriously, don't overpay for bearings just because they're marketed as "swiss" or "super duper swiss" or whatever.

    For trucks, Paris, Caliber (my favorite), Randall, etc make great products. Just avoid Original trucks, which are gimmicks that are really unstable and snap. Gullwing Sidewinders don't have problems with snapping and feel less weird than Originals but also are gimmickey ideas that are notoriously unstable. (see:

    Source(s): If you need any extra help, just ask me or check out and watch this, it'll educate you on bearings and help you make your choice.
  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    i really like my bones swiss bearings, my gullwing 10'' chargers and my orangatang purps.

  • Jason
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    7 years ago

    bones swiss bearings, bones stf and thunder lights

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