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Does it hurt badly if you get stabbed? Will you die right away?

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    Get stabbed in the stomach and it will feel like you are winded. Die from a stab wound to the stomach and it will take a longer time to bleed out. Maybe 6 hours if you hold you stomach. Eventually you would loose consciousness. You would definately suffer. :)

  • Like Mia said, your probability of death depends on where you were stabbed. Other factors that come into play are: how deep the cut is, how much blood you use, and how close it was to your heart, veins, or major organs.

    No matter what, though, it would hurt very badly and I do not recommend it.

  • 7 years ago

    It depends on where one is stabbed on whether or not you will die. I have never been stabbed but I'm sure the pain is excruciating.

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