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A medical ? Is HBOT the only treatment for a TBI?

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    Yes! HBOT is the best treatment for TBI. TBI causes broken blood vessels and reduced or no flow to areas of the brain and in turn causes hypoxic conditions in the brain. Much like a stroke, there is some permanent damage where neurons are actually dead (necrotic). However there is an area around this necrotic area where the neurons have enough blood flow to survive but not function at full capacity. This area is called the penumbra. HBOT induces oxygen into that area and after a number of HBOT treatments, permanent blood flow can be restored through angiogenisis which is clinically shown in research. Can surgery do this... can PT or OT do this? NO!... Get the HBOT!! Check out www.myhbot.org

    The medical establishment will tell you to throw big pharmas drugs at it and let you know that they can be addictive and cause side effects, but look at the research and what is done in the rest of the world... HBOT is safe and effective and stimulates the body to repair itself. IT has been around for over 50 years, but since there is no way to patent oxygen, big Pharma does not pay to have it included in Med school curriculum and thus our Medical establishment has not heard of it. :( Do the research and you will see.

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    I'm assuming you mean hyperbaric therapy?

    There are very few direct "treatments" for TBI. Some medications can help increase attention and focus. Some medications, when given in the acute/immediate time frame, can help decrease the impact of cell death and swelling. And surgery, while extreme, does work well to help when the brain swelling is too much to control.

    I'm not sure if you mean in the acute phase or after, in the long-term recovery phase?

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    There is a whole algorithm of management of TBI. None include hyperbaric oxygen therapy.

    In the acute setting we aim to decrease intracranial pressure and prevent secondary injury.

    Intensive rehab and neurostimulants (Ritalin, amantadine) help to improve neurologic function in the long term.

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    From reading over your past Q&A I assume you are referring to ongoing and long term treatment for traumatic brain injury. The best treatment remains physiotherapy and occupational therapy. Yes get off your butt and go do your physio. A sedentary lifestyle of long term computer use will only make your body seize up.

    Eating foods high in Omega 3 oils will help - oily fish (mackerel), olive oil, almonds is good for the brain.

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