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is wesley johnsons career over?

drafted #4 in the 2010 draft he is now the same player he was as a rookie. a scrub with supposed" defensive potential" he is entering his prime period and is now an over paid bench sitter in the last year of his contract making 4 mill this year(more than ray allen and jj hickson)

this is not a diss for i do like this player but the reality is hes worthless and hell be working a mcdonalds next season and may go down as the biggest bust in the nba



its the end of his contract and this is his "contract year" but hes only played 20 games and in those games hes been very bad. shooting 28 percent from 3 and 31 percent fromt he feild probably the worst percentage in the nba

he will probably not get another nba contract

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    You sure this isn't a diss? Worthless & work at McDonalds aren't exactly compliments, even tho he's made more money than you or I can hope to make in 3 years. If you really think he'll come close to going down as the biggest bust in NBA history google Darko Milicic & Sam Bowie. And remember not every top pick is gonna be a star. Johnson wasn't drafted to be one. Usually you know who will be one(Kyrie, Lebron, Melo, Anthony Davis, etc.) and the rest you just hope are better than expected and that they can contribute. Think of every top 10 pick since he's been drafted and figure out how many busts there are. By your standards, that'd be quite a few, just in 3-4 years.

    He & JJ are still on their rookie deals I believe but JJ wasn't a top 5 pick which is why he's making more. Ray on the other hand actually took a lot less money than offered anywhere else to join the heat.

    I wouldn't say it's over but as a Syracuse fan I can sympathize your disappointment. He was never really put in a good spot to begin with. He played both forward positions in college and Minnesota drafted him to play the 2 guard which is a hard transition to make. Phoenix took him along to tap into that potential but they never play their young players(Kendall Marshall, & Earl Clark for example) expecting them to get better by watching a sub .500 ball club. His career is far from over. Put him in a good situation where he can both learn and play significant minutes and not be key player or tossed out during blowouts and he'll be a solid player for years to come. Don't criticize him for situations he can't control. That's just plain ignorance.

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    He's been a major bust for sure. However he has not been the biggest. His career is also not over. He can play better than a good many players of his age and younger. Give him time and I think he will find his place as a role player off the bench that helps a winner.

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    good now it quite is Johnson IMO yet in spite of this Johnson is 4 years older than Favors and there is oftentimes a great distinction in basketball gamers between an prolonged time 19 and 23. Over the subsequent 3-4 years we are going to see if New Jersey made the main outstanding %. - until then it quite is stressful to tell who replaced into the "good" %. with the aid of fact they are at such diverse factors of their progression.

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