Whats the Difference between, Ted Turner, Vince McMahon and Dixie Carter? Top Rated Fans only!?

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  • 8 years ago
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    Ted Turner was the owner of a nationwide cable network who wanted inexpensive (to produce) TV programs to put on his network that would do reasonable to good ratings. Pro wrestling fit that bill. No, I can't say that. Georgia Championship Wrestling fit that bill. The WWF failed miserably on Turner's network. Turner is a wrestling fan but he's a businessman first and foremost. He likes pro wrestling but he's not emotional about it. His "feud" with Vince McMahon was a friendly rivalry between two moguls that Turner didn't live and die on (unlike Vince). Pro wrestling was but a very small part of Turner's overall "empire". He didn't lose his fortune after he got out of the wrestling business.

    Vince McMahon is a megalomaniac who wants to control everything. He engineered a near-20 year "war" on the pro wrestling business to eradicate it so he could run his "sports entertainment" company completely unopposed. While Vince is not afraid to take huge outside risks, and has several times, the WWE is his life. Without the WWE Vince would have no purpose in life and he would curl up and die.

    Dixie Carter is a rich daughter who wants to make a difference with her money. She wants to provide an alternative to the WWE monopoly. She doesn't know the wrestling business so she hired(s) very knowledgeable and experienced people to do that for her (like Turner but unlike Vince who pathologically HAS to be in control of everything). She doesn't produce the shows herself; she's the owner and PR specialist spreading TNA farther and farther around the world. If she didn't have TNA she would put her money, name, and talents to use in other forms of entertainment.

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  • Ted Turner was a Wrestling Fan and let the people he hired to run WCW. The people he hired didn't always have a lot of knowledge about Professional Wrestling others did not have the knowledge and background to run a large company. Other people he hired played favorites and helped their friends and punished others.

    Vince McMahon was hands on and involved himself in every aspect of running his company. Paul Levesque aka Triple H has finally gottem Vince to scale back slowly but surely and WWE is becoming better for it.

    Dixie Carter is warm and friendly and talks to fans and signs autographs at Pay Per Views. She is more open to ideas and suggestions from Wrestling Fans than Vince McMahon and Ted Turner ever were. She does not have a lot of experience as far as Professional Wrestling and may take TNA in directions from time to time that fans don't like.

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    Ted Turner is a billionaire!

    Vince McMahon is a millionaire that should be a billionaire!

    Dixie Carter is a daughter of a billionaire!

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  • 8 years ago

    Dixie Carter knows what she is doing, Vince McMahon is a senile old man, Ted Turner is retired, we don't need to bring his name into this!

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    8 years ago

    Ted Turner is a wrestling fan.

    Vince is ashamed of the fact that pro wrestling is the only thing that makes money for his corporation.

    Dixie Carter is not a Designing Woman and is nothing but a money lender to the Jarretts....capital venture invester if you will. minority owner and has no business being on tv or doing PR for TNA.

  • 4 years ago

    Vince. Vince has been around for ever and introduced wrestling from a territorial subject to a international huge enterprise. Plus he has survived Ted Turner, Eric Bischoff, The national Wrestling Alliance, Verne Gange and Paul Heyman. whilst human beings think of wrestling they think of WWF/WWE and no a possibility subject will substitute that. If Heyman did no longer could desire to deal with money, he could be genuine up there in view that he maximizes is expertise and turns crap into stars.

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