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plan on Art and game design, tips?

ok, i want to go to college for this. im good at drawing and think i would be good in this. i just need to braoden my skill to different art forms and styles >.> does anyone know any good sites that could teach me a variety of art styles that would be most prefered in recent games? (im more of a fantasy, action sort of person). some examples are these,

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  • 8 years ago
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    If you're looking to go to college for game design then I would start looking for classes instead of online tutorials--if this is going to be your future you shouldn't be leaving your experience gain to self teaching, try and actively learn from someone who knows what they're doing (not to say that people who create tutorials don't, they're typically very skilled artists) and can actively give you feedback on what to do and how you're improving. If you're unable to do so at the time I would look around Deviant Art, the community of artists there will steer you right, just be sure to seek out formal classes in the future. You should also research how you're going to get into your field and what degree to get to make it possible. Best of luck!

    Source(s): 3rd year animation major
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