Why did Obama's Justice Department defund the gun safety program?

Even someone deeply and profoundly opposed to the interests of the American people, and with brainpower issues as well, George W. Bush, knew enough to give $90 million to the important "Project Childsafe."

Why did Obama's Justice Department defund it?

Is it because the program doesn't involve banning anything?

Do either libs or cons actually care about gun violence and accidents, or our rights?

Or is the current fooforaw just a rallying point for the lib and con faithful in their political power plays?

(info gotten from Bloomberg News website February 13, 2013)

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  • 8 years ago
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    I couldn't find anything about this on Bloomberg, but here's something from the Project Childsafe website:

    "For years, Project ChildSafe was a component of “Project Safe Neighborhoods,” a federal gun violence-prevention initiative, and was supported by grants from the U.S. Department of Justice with additional funding from NSSF®. Today, due to federal budget tightening, Project ChildSafe is sponsored solely by the firearms industry through NSSF."

    So basically, the program has been turned over to the private sector, in an effort to reduce federal spending. If you want to make an impact, why not contribute?

  • 8 years ago

    See, this is all about their plan to kill America. A armed society isn't going to take crap from a tyrannical government. They don't care about our rights.

    Our rights restrict their power. They make the argument that its commonsense and then if you object they call you paranoid. If it really was commonsense we would have looked at history regarding gun control. What governments took away the peoples guns, to then impose tyranny on? Hitler did it to Austria. They defund programs that might be working, so that they can say "our current laws aren't good enough" Then they drop the commonsense bomb. Then 2 years later you can't own a gun/

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    8 years ago

    because hes an idiot he wants to push gun control yet everytime he or joe biden opens their mouth about the topic they say or do something so stupid they end up losing supporters because they arent idiots like him. he wants to use the money they have been spending for project childsafe to help with his campaign which he is losing. obama is trying so hard to prove he isnt against guns but since him and a group of other people dont see why someone would need a high powered rifle then nobody else should have one. the whitehouse posts pictures of obama shooting a double barreled shotgun WRONG barely having a hold of the damn thing with poor form but yet he wants to talk about people being irresponsible with guns. hes turning into a ******* prick.

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