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India is presently under suspension from IOC. How to reach olympics?

i have asked this question ealier i did not get proper answer. Still yahooanswers is showing it as resolved question. How to participate in olympics under IOC banner.What is the procedure.I am not interested in whether the controversy will br resolved or not.

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    The India Olympic Association's suspension from the Olympic movement will have far-reaching consequences . The IOA will no longer get funds from IOC and the officials will not be invited by the IOC to attend its events like the Olympics and Paralympics.

    The Indian athletes will not be allowed to compete under the tricolour but could be permitted to compete under the IOC flag. The Olympic Council of Asia and the Commonwealth Games Federation are also expected to follow suit, which will result in similar sanctions as far as the Asian Games and Commonwealth Games are concerned.

    However, if and when the suspension is revoked (after due processes are followed), everything will be back to normal. And yes, if the problem is not resolved, you cannot play for olympics.

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