Advertising: How Much Would You Pay?

I live in Los Angeles. I am thinking of starting a business in which I would offer the following:

#1, Pass out flyers or business cards in West Hollywood, Hollywood, Culver City area (I would have pictures taken to show I am passing them out.

#2, I would then post each flyer on my facebook, twitter and youtube pages and let my followers/fans vote for flyer/business card of the month. One winner would be selected and I'd give them a gift card (is the law 18 and older to win a prize?)

#3, Each business that has a flyer/business card would receive $100 in free Google Advertising( I am certified and have coupons to give out)

I could even wears business clothing around the cities I mentioned.

Any suggestions? How much would you charge? or how much would you pay for such a service?

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  • Anonymous
    8 years ago
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    Yeah, it sounds kinda complicated and though it might be a good idea, people only have about a 5 second attention span when it comes to looking at advertising at the most.

    Life is already complicated enough.

  • Jake
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    8 years ago

    It's just such a weird collection of services, that for one thing might make measuring the effectiveness of each aspect more difficult. I see people offering to hand out flyers at their school for $5 at, FYI there are paid Facebook plugins? that act as the 3rd party arbitrator required to run sweepstakes on Facebook, paid Facebook ads for such contests get high clickthrough rates bring the click costs down to less than a dime in some cases.

    Seems like you could tackle promoting some affiliate/CPA product with those methods, instead of offering them to others, perhaps some Pay Per Call promotion so you don't have to hand out a URL.

    The Adwords vouchers are the least compatible with that set of services, ideally you would offer them in some internet specific marketing service, Ideally setting up an Adwords campaign, could you just charge for setting up the initial $100 in ad spend using their own account?

  • Anonymous
    5 years ago

    Lots of ways. For example, distribute fliers and business cards to houses along the routes you usually go. A flier is just a few cents. And you can get (nearly) free business cards from VistaPrint. Have a T-shirt or cap (or both) made up that you wear when dog walking. You can have a single shirt made up at CafePress for about $15. (You can even have a dog jacket customized at CafePress.) The T-shirt, cap, etc., would promote your services. Or try this: Offer each of your customers a free whatever (a number of dog walks or washings--whatever would work out to be about $10 of your services, more or less) for any referrals. So, Mrs. A uses you to walk her dog. She refers Mrs. B to you, who hires you. You give Mrs. A a $10 (or $15 or whatever) gift certificate for your services. Contact a local volunteer dog adoption group. Ask to be allowed to leave or distribute fliers at their pet adoption days. In return, you'll donate $10 to the group for every new customer you get. (It costs you nothing if there are no new customers; if you get new customers, convert them and you'll make far more than the $10 you're donating.) Those are just a few ideas. But they should get you started.

  • 8 years ago

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  • 8 years ago

    The best way to advertise these days is ONLINE MARKETING/ADVERTISING :)

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