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Katy Perry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?


I am doing a biography on Katy Perry (my favorite signer) for school. But im a little stuck. What effect does she have in the world, what difference did she make?

Thanks :-)

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    she created new songs, popular songs too, and created a new uprise or sensation in america, and all over the world. She also donated money for the poor.

    here is a part of the article: In addition to her chart success, Katy Perry embarked on the California Dreams Tour in 2011 in support of “Teenage Dream,” and sold out 124 arenas around the globe. A portion of ticket sales was donated via Tickets-for-Charity to The Children’s Health Fund, Generosity Water and The Humane Society, and a portion of merchandise sales was donated to The Red Cross to benefit local disaster relief efforts.

    Katy Perry supported the following charities:

    American Foundation for AIDS Research

    Elton John AIDS Foundation

    Generosity Water

    GRAMMY Foundation

    Habitat For Humanity


    Make It Right

    Mines Advisory Group


    Music for Relief

    Musicians on Call

    Project Clean Water

    Red Cross

    Save The Music Foundation

    Stand Up To Cancer

    STOMP Out Bullying

    United Service Organization

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    Yes another katycat! 🙌 well first of all she inspires people with her relatable songs and bubbly personality. She tell her fans that's it's good to be different and embrace who you are. Secondly, she went to Madagascar on a UNICEF mission trip in 2013 and helped poor families get clean running water, and helped aid their poor education system. Here's a link that goes into better detail of her trip:

    And the third impact I think she has on the world is she became the huge celebrity she is against all odds. She had to work her way to the top even when it seemed impossible. Her movie goes into detail on how she was dropped by many record labels until she finally landed her big break with Capitol. You could also mention that she is known around the world, and has her own perfume, false eyelash and hair straightener lines, as well as her own Popchips flavor. Hope I helped and good luck on your project :)

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    watch her film Part Of Me is the best advice i could give

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