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Do you think Yuja Wang will become a truly major Pianist?

Already her career is impressive!

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    she already is.

    She is pleasing to my eyes and ears.

    By eyes I mean she is hot.

    Also when you listen to her performance, you will notice how other suck at playing the same thing.

    eg. yuja wang's :

    Mendelssohn sextet(all 3),

    Mendelssohn op. 25,

    Vivaldi spring,

    Scarlatti etc.

    ...are better to listen to than other pianist. Her fingers are quick. More quicker than anybody I have ever heard in this profession. She may hit a bad note once a while, but the tempo with which she plays is compensates for it.

    Source(s): Did I mention she is insanely hot ?
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  • 7 years ago

    That's a genuinely interesting Q and as with so many of these it will first and foremost depend on a matter of time. Her armoury, physically, is fine, very fine most times, but -- lordy-oh, the dreaded 'but' -- depth of thought, I think, has simply still to reveal itself to the extent you would require to begin to think even of terms such as you have used.

    As a colleague, some of her stuff has interested me a lot, and a fair quantity I've found disappointingly obvious. She's young and I am emphatically no longer so, and that has a direct bearing. She still has loadsa-time, and I don't, so I am inevitably going to be much more concerned about work of lasting worth at my time of life. When I was her age things were comparably different... :-)

    My jury on her is still out, and I will be interested to discover how she matures past the pianist-lifts-instrument-with bare-teeth phase we all have to go through and eventually vanquish -- she does that 'lion-taming' aspect extremely well, for what it's worth, and with real, often self-deprecating humour which is unquestionably infectious. She has an extremely healthy disregard for any myth manufactured about herself by others. That's a terrific start already too few others of her era can come close to equalling as yet. So there's every reason to live in hope and just wait and see what actually transpires.

    All the best,

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  • 7 years ago

    She plays well. Wonder why she believes she has to dress so seductively.

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