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What has surprised you about the Chris Dorner situation?

Things that surprised me.

1.) He was still in Big Bear area

2.) Nothing has changed since Waco, we burn em out.

3.) Speculation : Dorner ended up killing himself. What?!

4.) People have an extreme distrust for police. (possibly founded)

5.) The limitation on first amendment rights for media covering the event.

Sad stuff all around. Without the ability to SEE all the things happening it allows the public to speculate. Not transparent.

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    I was surprised he was still in Big Bear. LAPD and other agencies do not want the public to see what happens because they are not going to give an honest effort in taking him alive..."we burn em out" as you stated. Just look at the prime example of how the LAPD is protecting themselves, they would NEVER do any of these things for people being stalked, harassed, etc. I do not understand why more L.A. natives aren't angry over all the money and resources being diverted solely to the people in blue. I don't understand why more L.A. natives aren't speaking against the double standard of their handling threats against themselves versus threats against "civilians/citizens."

  • The thing that surprised me the most, is that he was able to stay on the run for so long.

    I think it is very sad. I believe that he was wronged by the LAPD just like he had claimed. Still, you can't go around killing people, ESPECIALLY cops without extreme consequences. A full investigation needs to be done on that police department.

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    None of these things surprise me. The reason to get the press out was so they could burn him out without having to worry about someone throwing a fit about it. Heck, if he was walking out with his hands over his head, waving a white flag, and they killed him anyway (which they would have) it would have looked real bad on camera.

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    That he died, got killed, committed suicide, got caught by swat team, escaped the cabin, still in the cabin, isn't the one in the cabin, running around the cabin, and on the highway.

    Nothing adds up. Stupid media

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  • KD7ONE
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    I'll take #2 for $100.00, Alex. Oh, you asked what suprised me more, instead of what was more predictable.

    I would say #6. He did not expose the whole city of Los Angeles by exposing their CAFRS.

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    Nothing about this news story adds up. I'm not a conspiracy theorist but, if I were, this is the story that would put me over the edge.

    Don't believe any of it.

    So handy that it is all cleaned up right before the President's speech too.............

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    None of the above.

  • Deb
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    8 years ago

    Nothing surprised me today!

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