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What is the cause of my stomach pains?

For the past few days, I've been having weird pains in my belly kind of above my belly button but to the right side a little bit like above my hip bone but it's only on the right side. It's not like cramps or a normal stomache achs, it feels different & idk how to explain it really but it's a bit uncomfortable & I've never felt a pain there before. I get occasional stomach aches very rarely but not on only one side of my belly..I eat pretty healthy and I work out so I don't know what could be wrong. I would like your advice/info please! & yes, I'm aware I should talk to my doctor. One thing I'm a bit concerned about is 11 days ago, I had unprotected sex but he pulled out on time I'm 100% positive about that & yes I'm aware that I shouldn't do that but could this mean I'm possibly pregnant? I would hope not because I'm very young but I need help please!

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    It could be that your appendix is inflammed and infected. Your appendix is just above your groin on the right hand side.

    Your doctor will be able to tell you if it is this or you that are pregnant.

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