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Puppy help! Potty training? Whining? Biting?

I have an 8week old puppy and I just need tips. He whines all the time if I'm not holding him. It breaks my heart when he whines so I hold him. I know I shouldn't. =\ he bites anything he can get. Pants, socks, toes, fingers, noses, ANYTHING! I tell him no and 5seconds later he's back at it. Potty training? I take him out and sometimes he goes and I tell him he's good and get super excited then an hour later he's crapping on the carpet? I just don't understand. Help!

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    8 Steps to House training a Puppy

    1 - The first thing to remember about house

    training a puppy is they can not hold

    themselves long. Rule of thumb is 1 hour

    for each month old. Therefore a 3 month

    old pup should be able to control himself/

    herself for 3 hours.

    2 - The second thing to remember is you

    take the pup out, on a leash, to be walked.

    Not send the pup out. You have to be there

    when pooch does the deed so you can

    praise the pup, right then. Let the pup know

    it is a job well done. Throw a real praise party!

    There are key times a pup needs to be taken

    out. When pooch wakes up from any sleep

    time & at bed time. After eating and/or

    drinking. After playing, exercise stimulates

    the "need to go."

    3 - Plus there are the odd times when a

    pups gotta do what a pups gotta do. You

    have to learn the pups behavior when

    looking for the spot to go. Pups should

    not have the run of the house till pooch

    is trained. You should keep the pup in

    the room with you so you can keep an

    eye on pooch. When you see the search,

    get 'em outside. If you catch the pup

    making a pile or puddle, just say "NO!",

    pick pooch up and get 'em outside. Use

    an enzyme cleaner (Natures Miracle or

    Simple Solutions)(pet store) to clean up.

    Do not let the pup see you cleaning up,

    it gives them the idea that is your job.

    Outside is okay, just not inside. If you

    find a puddle or pile after the fact, clean

    it up with an enzyme cleaner (pet food

    store) get a newspaper and hit....

    yourself in the head and say "I should

    have been paying more attention." Do

    not try to punish a pup after the fact.

    They will NOT get it.

    4 - You have to be diligent & consistent.

    I can not stress that enough so let me

    repeat. You have to be diligent & consistent.

    If you do your job the pup will catch on

    pretty quick.

    5 - You need to keep pooch contained

    at night. Either crate or put the pup in a

    bathroom. But remember the 1 hour rule.

    You should get up and take 'em out at night.

    6 - You can also teach the pup to go on

    command by picking the word you will

    use for each function, when the pup is

    about to go repeat the word till the pup

    starts going then tell 'em what a good

    boy/girl they are.

    7 - You can also teach them to ring a

    bell when they need to go by mounting

    one low on the door frame and ring it

    with the pups foot when you go out.

    8 - Last thing, never, ever rub your

    pups nose in their waste. Besides

    being nasty it only tells the pup you

    want pooch to ingest the waste. Also,

    never, ever hit a dog. That will only

    tell the dog you are not to be trusted.

    So, these are the 8 Steps to

    House training a Puppy Good luck!

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    Source(s): Ultimate Dog Training Videos -
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    An 8 week old puppy cannot go more than a hour without having to be taken out for a potty break. If you are not providing an appropriate alternative to your pants, socks and so on, for the pup to chew, he will go back to it. Give him a toy when you tell him no, then praise him when he takes it. Do not keep picking the puppy up or you will be carrying him until the day he dies. Give him something to do instead, like chase a ball or toy. Do not allow the pup free access to your whole home, just one easily cleaned room. Don't over think it, dogs are easy if you think like them. Praise and correction.

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    Our trainer for our puppy told us that a good way to start potty training is put a bell on the handle of your door. Then, every time you take your puppy out, ring the bell. Eventually, the puppy will get used to the bell and when it needs to go out it will ring the bell by itself.

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    I'm where you are right now. My puppy will be 12 weeks old tomorrow. I've read tons of websites and watched many videos on youtube about all different kinds of training to stop the biting among other things. It's my main concern right now.

    Some say to put a toy in the puppy's mouth when he tries to bite, but that only goes so far with pit bull puppies. They're far more determined than any other breed I've known. I don't know what breed you have, but it doesn't work very often for me or he'll take the toy out of reach and go back to biting myself and my husband. He doesn't bite hard, but those baby teeth are like little razors. When he was still teething, we bought him a puppy kong. They're designed to give their gums some relief and it did help. We bought the Kong Stuffin (peanut butter or cheese works well and is less expensive), but when we put some in his kong, he'll leave us alone for a little while. That also helped with the whining. Your puppy's little gums might be hurting him now. Squeeky toys help get their attention focused on something other than you to bite. Other things you can do is stop playing the minute he starts biting or put him in a "time out" until he's calmed down. It doesn't work for me, but it could work for you.

    Potty training is definitely a hard one. My puppy is getting a little better, but he still goes in the house. They need to be watched at all times. For the past month, I've been sleeping on the couch with him so I can take him out during the night to avoid accidents. Generally, we take him out the minute he wakes up, minutes after he eats or drinks and in the middle of play time. One of us keeps his attention while the other grabs his leash to take him out when he wakes up. You basically have to watch for his signals that he has to go outside. Every puppy has different signals, but they all will sniff around the room looking for a place to go. Biting could also be a signal. Mine wakes me up by biting my hand to tell me he has to go. Puppies that young should really be going outside at least once an hour. Their bladder is so tiny at that point and they haven't learned how to control it yet. Taking his food and water bowl about an hour before you go to bed will help with the night time accidents. Praising is a good thing, but he needs to be taken outside more often in the beginning. He will learn, but it takes time and a whole lot of patience.

    I'm guilty of it too, but try not to hold him so often. My dog died a little over a month ago. When we got him, he was a rescue and no longer a puppy. All I wanted to do was hold him, but I never got the chance because of his size. My grief continues to get the better of me. Not only because I'd give anything to have my boy back, but because this puppy looks almost exactly like him and has some of his personality traits. It doesn't help we got the puppy the day after my angel died. I held him quite a bit that first week, but I fight the urge now knowing that he'll be huge when he grows up. At 3 months old, he's twice the size of his siblings and other pit bull puppies I've seen at his age. Try laying him down next to you instead. He'll get used to that and won't try to curl up in your lap when he gets bigger. Depending on how big your puppy will get, it could become a problem.

    Good luck with your puppy and please remember to be patient. Basic training doesn't happen over night.

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    Source(s): Potty Training Tips
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    That's what you get when you have an 8 week old puppy,what did you expect?????

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