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Who is the best and most dynamic young point guard today, Russell Westbrook, Kyrie Irving, or Derrick Rose?

Russ is the most athletic and you're assured he will give 110%. He also has the best defense.. Kyrie is the most skilled in terms of moves and shooting. He's also the most clutch. Rose is simply the quickest. He has leadership skills too. all in all, Russ has the best stats so far. but who's your pick? ; )

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    Westbrook is the most explosive player in the league. He can get to the basket and finish with contact. He has developed a solid mid range game along with a three. Shoots 33.3% from three, 80.3% from the line. Currently Westbrook is the second highest scoring point guard in the league at 22.6 points per game

    Westbrook looks down apposing point guards with his stifling defense. Westbrook averages 2 steals per game which ranks top 5 in the NBA.Now: Many people are under the impression that Westbrook is a hog. He still dishes out 8.3 assist per game, which ranks top 5 in the NBA Westbrook pulls down the most rebounds of any point guard at 5.3 per game.

    . Durability: Westbrook has not missed a basketball game, which dates back to high school..Can't say the same for Kyrie who seems injury prone.He already has missed games this season. With that in mind. Westbrook is the most rounded point guard in the NBA that gives you the full package, and is the leader, of the new generation of point guards.

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    I would say kyrie irving because he trully a great point guard. He is the cavelairs go to guy other than varijo. But russ and derrick rose are talented point guards too, you can't count them out.

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    who has the final crossover? Iverson who has the final handles? Iverson who's the quickest working with and/or without the basketball down courtroom? i think of John Wall Who can leap the utmost? Westbrook who's the main explosive? Rose who's the final shooter? uncertain, yet circulate with Iverson. and ordinary who's basically the extra useful participant on your opinion? Iverson is the extra useful participant out of your checklist, he's the only little guy carried an rubbish team to the main suitable and win one game (no longer the sequence)

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