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What does the Confederate Battle Flag mean to you?

Here in the South I’m told it “isn’t racist.” It’s just a “sign of our heritage” and “honoring those who fought in the War of Northern of Aggression.”

I’d gladly place a wager on the fact that I have studied and read more about the American Civil War than nearly anyone here. Shelby Foote. Macpherson. The Killer Angels, et, all, I’ve read all of it. Let me save you the suspense. Yes, slavery was the fundamental cause.

But, suppose you were strolling around one sunny day in my neighborhood and you saw a Confederate battle flag in my front yard.

What would you assume I was trying to communicate?

What would you assume I believe?

What you assume that flag meant?

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    Nah, nah - the Civil war was about Stage III in the Upward Mobility of Rights for All - wherein a soverign state refused the Divine Right of another sovereign state to continue to govern it within a federation which the first decided it no longer wanted to be part of... it was an unsuccessful Stage III - that's why it's called 'Con Federate' = Against Federation....or 'secesh' = secessionist....

    I once had a dream (me and Martin both) - I was at a ball in Washington when the Civil War broke out, and I was a Union officer - about a Major... we all had to decide which side we were on - I chose the Confederate, just like Robert E. Lee.... and with like-minded officers, walked off whistling Dixie....

    The Confederate Flag means independence and revolt against overweaning authority to me.. nothing to do with oppression or slavery....

    Footnote:- A former friend of mine, deep into the mystic arts, suggested that this was a past life dream.. could be... could be......such things resonate within one's soul - much as meeting a woman who is... special.. a soul mate.. does..... it cannot be explained otherwise.... I'm not even an American.

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    If I were strolling along, and saw the stars and bars in your front yard, I would assume that you were anti-government.

    I don't buy into this "dying culture" talk.

    It is a symbol of the old south, which at the time of the Civil war, was a rebel force. They wanted to succeed from the Union.

    Whether they were correct in this or not, I am not going to judge through the lens of history, written primarily by liberal, white Yankees, from comfortable armchairs in Ivory towers.

    But I will say that today, when I see this flag, it is a symbol of rebellion against what would be considered institutionalized liberalism.

    I don't take it as a symbol of racism. That is an oversimplification, in my opinion. I take it to mean, that these folks reject the political model, of a strong central government. They are into states rights, and erring on the side of individual liberties, like guns. They also don't want a lot of heavy-handed environmental regulation, red tape, etc.

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    If you fly a Confederate Battle probably means you wish the Confederacy had won, and you still have a little bit of hope that they'll get another chance at it.


    It probably also means that you own at least three firearms (a rifle, a shotgun and a pistol), and there's a good chance you're carrying one on your person at all times.

    Source(s): Born and raised in the South.
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    a sworn fact for america voters who did what they concept replaced into precise because of the fact particular Political circumstances weren't gently, coolly and rationally suggested and addressed via those in capacity on the time.

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    Slavery, treason, civil war, domestic terrorism, and Jim Crow. That's all it has ever meant, and no amount of politically-correct, revisionist history will ever change that fact.

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    The flag represents all that was the most evil and wrong about the way Americans though and acted back then, raping women was okay if they were black, murder was okay, torture was okay, and God was on your side about it, the flag represents people who think Jesus is okay with you raping and murdering people, that is what the flag suggests, it stands for the inbred inhuman thinking of evil people...and all in the name of Jesus Christ.

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