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我因為家裡的關係所以有香港居民身份(非用久性的,僱用身份居留), 想要7年後可以申請永久身份。 因為之後還是會以台灣為主, 所以大部分的時間可能還是會居住在台灣。 想知道在申請永久居民時,移民處真的會要算滿7年嗎?還是在拿到身分證那天起算7年就可以, 如果是的話, 離開香港可以每次多久, 離開後多久內回香港“刷卡(即身分證入境)” 可以避免身分證被取消, 或著申請永久居民時有麻煩?



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    7 years ago
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    Not exactly.

    Hong Kong Immigration Department does not provide a black and white definition. Instead, it uses the word "ordinary reside", which means that you must consider Hong Kong as your place for Permanent Residence.

    Based on that, days spent on short trips can be still considered for Permanent Residence.

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    The key is ordinary reside.

    Let's say you have a job in Hong Kong, and you are required to stay 3 months in Mainland. In that case, those 3 months will be included for residence purpose (as your tier from Hong Kong requires you to do so).

    2013-02-13 03:16:13 補充:

    In your example, you maintain no physical tier with Hong Kong. So it won't work.

    2013-02-13 10:12:46 補充:

    It is not how you claim - it is on how you can prove it.

    The key is it is not similar a company letter can do so.

    Also - the Immigration Department always has its own discretion in determining if you are an ordinally resident for the purpose of Hong Kong Permanent Resident.

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  • 7 years ago

    Dear Gary,

    Thank you so much for your quick response.

    So there is not limit for the time I spend outside of Hong Kong, as long as I have close tie with HK (Banking, and property) then I can leave HK and come back every 6 months for short stay in HK, would that work?

    Thank you again!

    2013-02-13 09:08:58 補充:

    Dear Gary,

    I am currently on a work permit supported by my family's business in Hong Kong. So in that case, every time I go away for any reason (Doesn't matter how long), as long as I claim that I am employed under the HK company during the time of absence

    2013-02-13 09:09:24 補充:

    and I was sent away by company for business, then this should be no problem?

    2013-02-17 09:58:36 補充:

    I see. Then what would you suggest me to do Gary?

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