Can i give my Daughter (4) Ambroxol if she is already drinking an Antitusive?

She is drinking Claritin for her allergies but now i feel like she needs to have some ambroxol for the phlegm.Does anyone know if it's ok to give her these two together as he allergy treatment is still for a couple more days.

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  • BigRed
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    8 years ago
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    There are drug interaction checker sites which can check for possible interactions, but all the ones I was able to find were for the U.S. and hence didn't list ambroxol, since ambroxol isn't available in the U.S.

    These drug interaction checkers also have a disclaimer that you shouldn't rely on them and should check with your physician. That issue notwithstanding, you might consider a medication that is approved in the U.S. (showing a bias here that there's probably a good reason for this drug not being available in the U.S.). Although it might be preferable to ask your daughter's doctor about drug interactions, the pharmacist may be able to address this as well. Also, make sure you're using a form and dosage that's intended for children.

  • Kukana
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    8 years ago

    If your daughter is on a prescribed drug, you should not give her any other medication without checking with your pediatrician or GP.

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